Saturday, February 25, 2012

In January when we finally got to go celebrate Christmas with Anthony's Dad and Teresa (yes we are that family that celebrates holidays for weeks because everyone is split and we have to travel - cannot wait until the day that we have kids and everyone can just come visit us and it won't matter who is there and talking to who because everyone can just get along and be happy) Anyways Teresa gave me a huge, 50+ gallon tote full of her yarn stash!!! along with patterns and different needles and pretty much anything you can think of pertaining to crocheting/knitting! My Grandma Kuhn taught me a couple years ago how to crochet but I only know how to do it one way and have only made about 6 scarves and one hat that isn't the prettiest thing but I was pretty darn proud of it. The tote has since been sitting by the front door and I haven't gotten a chance to go through it and admire all the contents but I decided to check it out last night and lets just say I am going to have to learn how to crochet and knit because everything is so pretty and it was FREE so why not!?! I pulled everything out and put it in a big trash bag because in the process of cleaning/simplifying my bedroom I needed a tote for all of my hunting stuff and the yarn tote was the perfect size. All the yarn is eventually going to have a permanent home however my scrapbook room is so packed pull I didn't want to just stick it all in there. So now the bad is sitting in the livingroom instead of the tote! Mom is ready to scream if I don't do something with all of it but I really don't know what to do so of course I turned to my trusty and oh so smart pal Pinterest!!! Here is some of the inspiration I gathered for my new hobby/collection:
The one above I am thinking JK can make me one but my only one side have the yarn storage then the other having slots for my scrapbook paper and maybe a shelf part for my other crafting stuff!!! The problem with JK making me one is that he has school projects he is working on along with stuff for Shalene and whoever else he decides to make stuff for. Maybe I can check out Ana White and make something myself. Here is some inspiration I found off of there:

I am thinking the sides could have the 12x12 sections for my papers and then some sections have baskets of stamps and what not in them. Make a tall stand up thing to hold the yarn in that can go against the wall with the possibilities to have it free stand along a wall. I need to keep my options in line so when we get our own place I can have it there and if we are tight on space I won't be too cramped. Other possibilities are maybe a basket or two with the yarn just sitting in them or just get a tote and leave them in there. Decisions..decisions....

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