Monday, February 20, 2012

Yesterday I did my cousin's senior pictures and beforehand my Dad took me to see this covered bridge he had found when he was out riding his motorcycle. It was nice to spend some time with him because we don't really ever spend that much just the two of us. The covered bridge and scenery was GORGEOUS!!! words cannot even describe how beautiful it was! After look around and taking some pics with my iphone we left and went on into Martinsburg to get some lunch at a little diner and look at these prebuilt cabins and barns (something Anthony and I are checking into doing if we can get a piece of property instead of buying a house) Then we came home and I met Jed and back up there I went to shoot his senior pics.

Once I get Jed's pictures edited I will get them posted on here. Along with JK's pictures that I need to get done. My goal is to have both boy's pictures edited, cds made and in their hands by Friday. Along with that I am in the process of some major organizing and simplifying my life. I pulled out all the clothes in my closet on Saturday when I got home and OMG is it the biggest mess I have ever seen. I have totes strung all across the house. Most of them just need to go downstairs. But I was able to get 2 bags of clothes, shoes and purses to take to East Side Community Ministries (I go there instead of Goodwill because our local Goodwill is not good at turning over your stuff. There is literally a mountain of everyone's stuff and there is no way that they get that stuff distributed into the stores. It is very sad because it is such a huge waste. East Side is a local after school program for kids that don't have the best of things and need somewhere safe to go after school) I also have a whole laundry basket full of clothes to take to Maddy to go through and see if she wants them and I am not even done yet. So I am finally getting to use some of the ideas from my Pinterest Board ~ Operation: Organization and hopefully I can keep this stuff in order and my life will be a little less stressful!

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