Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

Weekend recap happening on a Monday?! not on Wednesday?
I know, I know you are probably just as surprised as I am.
The time change must have done me some good.
Anyways back to the weekend...
I had a pretty fun weekend, mixed with going to an auction with Mom & Dad to a bridal shower on Sunday.

Saturday morning my Dad was knocking on my door to wake me up to see if I wanted to go to an auction like 45 minutes away. I hurried up and got dressed because Anthony was working all day and I didn't have anything else planned for the day and I didn't want to sit around doing nothing all day.
We ended up doing some damage at the auction. The old man that had died sure had a handful of hobbies and his barn was full of old wood boxes. I ended up bidding on and winning an old shipping box that had been used to ship a Sargent's belongings home, I am assuming after he had died. I am unsure of what war it was from but I am planning on getting on and researching some information about him. 
Anyways we also bought a whole bunch of box tops and lumber that I am planning on using towards making some signs for people for gifts for weddings and Christmas. I also bought a cool old bench to put on our front porch after I put the wicker furniture away for the year.I will definitely post more pictures tomorrow of my new treasures from the auction. But here is a picture of what the truck looked like when we were loading it all up at the property where the auction was.

Sunday I met my Jonathan and Shalene to take pictures of them at this new place I found down town to take pictures at. The building has vines with beautiful fall leaves cascading all over it and I have been dying to get behind the camera again and take some pictures of someone in front of this building!

How beautiful is that?!!!
and how cute are these two!??

After taking their pictures I hurried home to get a shower and get ready to go meet Blaire so we could do some shopping for Julie's shower gift and hangout before heading to the shower. Please don't judge me but we stopped at Starbucks and I had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte! It was really good and I am not sure how I have functioned without trying one of these all this time. We ended up going to Chipotle and sharing before heading to the shower.


The shower turned out great and all the decorations were so cute!!!
I am really excited for Julie and Clay's wedding because all the weddings I have attended have been Summer or Fall weddings and theirs is a winter theme and next month!!

All in all I had a great weekend and the time change hasn't really affected me yet. Except for around lunch time today here at work because I always try to push my lunch to as late as I can stand it, which is usually 1:30-2:00. and today at 1:30 I realized it was actually 2:30 to my body and my belly was really growling when I walked into Subway. I definitely just downed a foot long meatball sub.
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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