Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Recap: Julie's Last Rodeo

On Friday I mentioned how excited I was to celebrate my friend Julie's bachelorette weekend in Columbus with a bunch of girlfriends. We'll we had so much fun and of course come Sunday morning we were paying for it but I would not trade a night out with the girls for anything. Especially considering that the last time we all went out was for my bachelorette party in May...it was long over due. We all met at the hotel, got ready, gave Julie some gifts, took some pictures, and headed to the restaurant for dinner followed by bar hopping in the Arena District. First we hit up the Piano Bar which the night of mine it was packed with brides, like there were seriously 12-15 of us Brides up on the stage dancing and singing to "Heads, shoulders, knees & boobs" but this weekend Julie was the only one there so it was not as much fun so we ditched that place as soon as possible and headed to The Patio and then The Park Street Saloon where there was definitely no pole dancing on the bar.... Well none by me I had already lost my buzz by this point. We stayed out til 1:30 and then got taxis back to the hotel and walked to Wendy's to get food before staying up til 3:30 laying in bed talking. 
Sunday we all woke up, cleaned up our mess of a hotel room, packed up the cars and said our good byes. It was a great weekend now there is less than 20 days til we will be celebrating Julie and Clay tying the knot! I cannot wait but I am still waiting on their custom Wedding gift to come from Etsy and I still need to find a dress to wear unless I end up shopping in my closet! 

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