Thursday, November 14, 2013

That's a fact Jack!

Well I finally did. I have only walked by the display of this wine every time I go grocery shopping and I have wanted to get a bottle but refrained because I have been trying real hard to stick to just what we have on our list (this is so hard to do, especially around this time of the year!)
This week though I could not stand it any longer and after a really long, busy week at work I decided it was time to splurge and have a relaxing Thursday night to kick off my weekend.
I am so glad I did because this is delicious!!!
Of course it even has a Duck Dynasty cork in it too!
I am a big Moscato fan and do not like dry wines. I am more of a fruity drink girl.
So Miss Priss was obviously my first pick.
It tastes so good.
Now please keep in mind I am no wine connoisseur or have I even been into drinking wine for that long but I do have taste buds and I do know what I like and you can bet that my next trip to the store will have this on my list just so I can buy it again. 

mason jar wine glass (our glasses from our wedding, DIY project of my own but you can find them pretty much anywhere now), Duck Dynasty Miss Priss (WalMart)
This really was the perfect way to kick off my 3 day weekend which is going to consist of shopping in Columbus at Easton with my friend Blaire, followed by celebrating cowgirl style for our friend Julie's Last Rodeo. I am so excited! Let me wear my flannel and cowboy boots for a girls night out on the town and I am game! So it should will be a fabulous weekend.


  1. Oooooh! Sounds delicious! I never knew they made wine! I love Moscato too! 😊👯

    1. OMG it is sooo good too Julie!! Just check your WalMart, not real sure if you have one real close to you but if do seriously buy a bottle! I am thinking about buying a couple of bottles for Thanksgiving dinner to share with family!!!


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