Monday, November 25, 2013

a lot to be thankful for

Sorry for the last two posts being so heavy.
Well the one before yesterday wasn't so much as yesterdays and honestly when I sat down to write yesterday I did not have intentions of it going where it did and even thought about not posting it but I decided against it because I decided to start blogging to document life and well that was what life has been about here lately. One day I will be able to look back and see how far we have come.
Anyways I told myself this post was not to be so heavy and it is not going to be.
So here is a more joyful post in honor of this week we are celebrating, Thanksgiving.
A handful of people on my facebook have been dedicating their posts each day for the whole month of November to what they are thankful leading up to Thanksgiving so I am going to run with that little piece of inspiration and use it tonight (probably just not as many as twenty five though)
Please note these are not in any specific order...
1. My health. Even though some nights and mornings after running my knees ache and my feet hurt I am thankful that I was able to get out there and run 2+ miles, depending on the time of day and the weather. I can easily go out now and run 4 miles if I plan for it. In the beginning of this journey I struggled being able to run a full mile without taking a little walking break.
2. A hardworking Hubby. Anthony is working two jobs and going to school full time and possibly picking up another little job (skinning deer at the processing place in town) for a little extra cash. He pays most of our bills allowing me to pay a couple credit cards off in the meantime.
3. A secure job.
4. Family. Even though we have considered each other to be a part of the others family since we started dating it is finally official this year! and it is so nice that both sides of our family are welcoming of the other and get along.
5. Furbabies
6. Reliable, running Vehicles.
(not explaining that one right now in an effort to keep this a complaint free post)
7. Natural Resources.
We have a basement full of firewood to heat our house (big thanks to my brother for hooking us up last night) and a freezer full of venison (deer for you non hunting friends).
8. Parents. Both of our parents are always willing to help us out. My Mom is always asking to take me out to lunch and asking if we need any help financially and my Mother-In-Law has been sharing some money with us that was inherited from a family member passing away. It has been a huge blessing.
9. Crafty hobbies.
10. Blogger and IG friends. A couple monthsago Julie Joy from Just The Joy's and I became BFFs! Even though we have met one time in real life through a family member that she was dating at the time while they were visiting my Aunt and Uncle here in Ohio from Michigan. We added each other as friends on facebook but never really talked all that much other than when we were planning our weddings. I actually didn't know she read my blog and I don't think she knew I read hers either. Well after I got married I made some changes to my blog and by changing the name it shut down the old one and lost most of my followers other than the ones I was able to contact to let them know. A couple months ago Julie messaged and admitted to me that she was have stalking withdrawals from my blog and we reconnected via blogland. Ever since then we have been texting and talking back and forth. Little did we know how much we have in common, its is almost creepy at times!!! Like even wearing the same outfits one day without planning it and many other characteristics. Almost every day we text each other just to talk! Most people (non-bloggers) probably think it is weird to be friends with someone on the internet but I have heard about so many people that create amazing relationships through blogging.
 If you don't believe me check out Katie and Stephanie's friendship (4th of July Surprise, Taking on Chicago) that bloomed from blogging.
Hopefully one day soon we can finally travel to see each other and spend a weekend together! Hopefully sooner than later.
Anyways that is not close to everything I am thankful for but my brain is not functioning tonight as it was a rough Monday at work and I just want to curl up with my Hubby and furbabies and watch some Monday night tv (really I just fall asleep almost immediately)
I hope you are all having a great week and I hope it is a short one for you too and that you get to spend time with Family or Friends for Thanksgiving. 

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  1. Awwww! My heart is so happy after reading that! :) :) :) I'm very thankful for the social media world that brought us together years afer meeting each other! :) If anyone thinks we're weird, that's just nonsense! Lol :) I also love all of your other things that you are thankful for! :)


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