Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I meant to write this post yesterday like I normally do on Mondays but I was busy preparing for my last speech for my speech class...yes the last one!! I am findingit hard to believe this semester is a week from being over. It seriously seems like just yesterday I was stressing looking at the syllabus and seeing that I was going to have to make a 3 minute speech let alone the two 5 minute ones and the two different 10 minute speeches. I may have even thought of dropping the class but now I am so happy I decided to stick it out because last night before and after giving that last 10 minute speech I was not nearly as nervous as the first night and felt very professional and well prepared. Heck last week I did my first vlog (if you missed it here it is) and that is something I probably would not have done before taking this class.

Anyways this weekend was spent going to The Depot for Grandpa Kuhn's birthday where I might have had one too many glasses of wine, some more Christmas decorating and some DIY projects, going to see Spiker's new house, running out of gas and Dad coming to my rescue, the annual Dresden Christmas parade where we rode on the trailers behind and threw candy for the little kids, to The Depot again for karaoke and some more wine. Sunday was spent doing more DIY Christmas and studying for finals. I am going to be so excited once these finals are over and I can enjoy this little break before next semester.

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