Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Christmas.
I cannot believe you are only 11 days away! Eleven days until all this holiday high is officially celebrated. Eleven days until we get to travel from house to house to celebrate with family, give gifts that we put lots of thought into, and then begin the cleaning and putting away of all the Christmas decorations. Oh and it means that you need to remind your man in your life that he only has ten days left to get his Christmas shopping done. I have also been enjoying the peppermint hot coco from Tim Horton's in the mornings instead of my usual pumpkin spice hot coco and watching ABC Christmas movies with Tank in the evenings when I get off work.

Dear Friday,
I am beginning to enjoy you even more than I used to. Honestly I didn't think that was physically possible but you proved me wrong. You see the office receptionist that works in our sister company in Newark is on maternity leave and I am getting to go to the Newark office to catch up on the stuff that builds up over the week. I am also getting to go shopping at a couple different stores that we don't have in Zanesville. This week I am going to Target and Michaels so I can get a couple more things for Christmas projects/gifts and I am finally going to get the white sea creature from the Nate Berkus collection at Target. Another awesome thing is that this week I get to meet baby Conley because Shelby is going to bring him by the office. Here is hoping that baby fever can stay away and I can just enjoy him.

Dear Finals and Fall Semester,
I am glad you are finally over and that I officially made it through. I questioned if going back to school and working full time was actually going to work. Well it did and I took my last tests this week and am now on a much needed break until January. My plan is to get as much wedding stuff done as possible because spring semester lasts until May and I am going to be really busy with working and going to school that I need to get
lots done while I have this little break.

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