Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

On Friday I was really excited because for one I got to meet Baby Casen and even got to hold him!! 
He is so little and precious..I just might have gotten an ounce of baby fever.
The second thing I was excited about was I got to go shopping in Newark when I got off and I ended up buying not one but two Smashbooks. I originally was asking for one for Christmas but then I had some Christmas money to spend and just couldn't resist buying them and some smashing supplies. Now I just need to get some pictures developed from since we got engaged and some of the wedding stuff that has been going on for my one Smashbook that is going to be all my "I Said Yes" stuff. I am not real sure just yet what I am going to do with the other one, maybe just some everyday stuff with the dogs and around the house. What do you put in your Smashbook?

Sunday we went hunting for the extended gun season. I saw a couple does but I am after a big guy so I didn't get to fill my tag. But I did see a big coyote and shot at him but he was running like crazy and I missed
 These two...just wonder what goes on when I am not with them?! lol

 Sunday night we finished the gallery wall in the living room and it is way better than what I thought it was going to be. Eventually our plan is to put pictures all the way over to the corner on the one side and the closet door on the other. Until then we are really loving this and I absolutely love the saying
"The greatest joy in life is to see those you love happy"

This upcoming weekend is going to be spent getting the house cleaned and ready for Christmas, finishing up my shopping and hopefully wrapping everything. Since I need to work Christmas Eve and won't have as much time to get it all done its going to have to get done this weekend. Oh and Friday we have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that I am really excited about going to!

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  1. I love your gallery wall!! It looks SO great!!



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