Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It is hard to believe we are getting ready to celebrate the ending of 2012 and welcoming 2013! 
2012 was a great year but I am ready for twenty thirteen for many reasons, the big one being that this year I am getting to marry my best friend and become Mrs. Fry!! There are also going to be lots of other really fun firsts like getting our own place, celebrating our first holidays as husband and wife and starting our own traditions. Bring it on twenty-thirteen! 

Twenty twelve was pretty great too! We went to Nashville Tennessee for the first time, went camping on the beach in the obx for the first and probably the last time, I went to all the lighthouses on the Outerbanks, Tank celebrated his first birthday, I bought my wedding dress, we had our first liter of puppies ever and found homes for them plus their mother went to live with Grandma and Dave. 

Tonight we are just going to hangout with my family and celebrate the new year in a more relaxed fashion. We were looking forward to hanging out with our friends but Luke has the flu and the roads are getting pretty icy so we decided to just stay in. 

We had an amazing Christmas with lots of surprises and not enough time with our families and too much food eaten. I will do another post later this week with some updates from our Christmas. Until then though Happy New Years and have lots of fun and stay safe!!

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