Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Recap

I haven't really had a good chance to sit down and blog about Christmas because we have been running so much! Seriously we had 6 different Christmases and when we weren't in the car going to people's houses I just wanted to sit down and relax. We had a wonderful surprise of having Anthony's brother be home and we made it to a couple local wineries and they got to spend some time together which was really nice. I was really thrilled because we had a white Christmas and even more snow in the days following. 
Saturday we went to Anthony's Dad's and it had snowed a lot that night and we ended up sliding off the road and into the ditch. I was getting nervous because every time Anthony tried to get us out we slid further towards a ravine. He finally gave up and we called my Dad and he came and pulled us out with my trusty jeep. We went back to the house and Anthony's Dad said he would re-schedule but then we decided that Saturday was the only day it was going to work because Trevor and Travis are going to be going to college and making all of our schedules work together was just going to be too hard. So we ended up going to his Dad's on Saturday.
Sunday we had my Mom's side of the family, The Spikers.
Unfortunately we had calling hours to go to before that so Christmas didn't kick off til about 4:00. We ate really fast and then headed outside to play in the snow. The Zanesville Spiker's just got a new four wheeler so we were sledding behind the four wheeler and having so much fun! We stayed outside until way past dark. After we got too cold we went inside, got everyone's gifts sorted and started opening. After all the little kids were done, we had the adult gift exchange and the adult white elephant. 
Nothing seemed rushed like in the past and even after exchanging gifts we all ended up having some adult beverages and sitting back and relaxing until 11:00.
It was so nice to just enjoy each other's company!
For NYE I had to work until 1:00 then I met Blaire for lunch and we went to Kohl's to try to find all the guys pants for the wedding, which ended up taking an hour probably. We were supposed to go to Mark and Aubrey's for NYE but then Luke got sick and the roads were too bad to go to Blaire and Matt's so we spent the evening with family, eating delicious food, playing basketball and LCR, kissing on the ball drop and setting of fireworks outside!!
I decided to participate in the One Little Word class being offered by Big Picture Classes but I will post more about that tomorrow. I am pretty pumped for it and cannot wait to see what I get to do in the class and see everyone else's projects for the year!

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