Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

Here is a little weekend recap
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 Mom and I went to the new shoe carnival and Mom 
bought me two new pairs of shoes!!
 My brother had racked up a bunch of points on his
Duke and Duchess card and we 
filled up both our gas tanks and only pad $79 for this
 Saturday Aubrey and I went to Swapper's Day with her Dad
 Spent all day Saturday and Sunday with this handsome guy!

 Uncle Anthony teaching Luke what the 
junk vehicles are..
 one of the reasons we are going to leave
the decorating around here to me
Watching The Lucky One for the 5th time with this awesome girl!

Did anyone else had an awesome 3 day weekend? I know I did
but am just trying to get used to starting the week out on tuesday.

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