Friday, September 28, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Weekend, I am so excited that you are finally here. Its the last weekend of September and this girl loves October. It officially feels like fall and we have a lot going on! Just this weekend is jammed packed with fun stuff going on!

Dear Truck Bash, I am so excited that Anthony is finally getting the zuki fixed and we are going to get to go fourwheeling on Saturday with a bunch of our friends that we haven't seen forever! This girl is ready to get behind the wheel of that big toy!!
Dear Tank, I love you big boy but your aggressiveness when it comes to food or your toys has got to stop! Your scaring me buddy and Turbo and Lightning. You only have roughly 8 months and we will be living in our own place just you and Diesel with all the toys you could ever ask for and no one stealing them. Now as for one armed Looey he might not be as lucky to make it that long, but there will be many more.

Dear October, you are bringing lots of fun into my life but please take it slow so I can remember to enjoy it. We have a couple wiener roasts, a maternity session to shoot, some fall family sessions, the start of bow season starts on Saturday, Pre-Cana at our Church, Ohio State football games, a trip to the pumpkin patch and I am sure there will be more fun thrown in there. Can't wait (:

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