Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I am finally getting stuff done around here pertaining to the wedding!!
and it is so exciting!!!! 

there are 276 days until we say "I Do"
that is nine months to get everything wrapped up and ready to go. 

two weeks ago I posted some of the stuff I was wanting to get done 
before the end of this month and man oh man am I getting those checked off.
my list included:
-hiring a photographer
-getting our engagement pictures done
-picking or creating our save the dates
-mailing out the save the dates
-buying my wedding dress
-hiring a caterer

well last Monday I hired our photographer!!
this was a big thing for me since the pictures are what make my 
top 5 list of the most important things for our big day.
We chose the same girl that did Alyssa and Nick's wedding and I am so excited
because their's turned out amazing!!!
if you are from around the Columbus, Ohio area and are looking 
for a good photographer check her out on facebook:

this Saturday we are getting our engagement pictures done
by one of my really good friends and bridesmaid!
I have been looking forward to this for a long time now but for some 
reason just kept putting it off and putting it off.
Well Saturday Anthony has the day off so we are definitely getting them done then!

After we get our engagement pics then I 
can finish working on our save the dates! I have lots
of ideas but I don't want to make anything final until I have our
engagement pictures to go with. 

We pretty much have the caterer picked 
but still need to call around to a couple other places 
and possibly have a taste date at the place I really want to have do it!

On Sunday we all went up to David's Bridal
where I bought my wedding dress!
I wasn't completely sure if I was going to find what I wanted up there 
but as soon as I put the dress on I knew that it was the one!!!
I am so excited with it.
It won't be coming in until December 3rd and I am not posting any pictures
of me in it because it is a surprise!
the only picture I will post is the only one that I showed Anthony:

yes your seeing that right too!
those are my boots peeking out from under there.
Last week I ordered my wedding boots
and ofcourse I had to wear them to try on dresses.
Now the only problem is not wearing them until the big day!
aside from engagement pictures.
Everything is finally coming together and I am so excited about it! 
Everyone was right though when they said
"it will be here before ya know it!" 


  1. Oh how exciting! I think I recognize your dress :) it looks very similar to mine, at least from what I can see!
    Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning.

  2. AW! This post is making me excited to mark the rest of my stuff off my to-do list! Our wedding is April and we've got almost everything scheduled/picked out. Ordering the dress was my favorite part so far! I loved picking it out. Mine won't be here until November. :(


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