Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just another typical Saturday morning around here..
woke up to coffee kisses from Anthony
watching some early morning hunting shows in preparation 
for the coming deer season.
some VH1 Totally 80's music videos with my Dad
this is one of those things that goes on every Saturday morning.

Soon enough I am going to get my butt off
this couch and start getting ready for the day.
I have laundry to do..
dishes to wash..
and start getting ready for our engagement pictures!
I am so excited
I have had my outfits planned for 2 months now
but last night I started really putting them together and pairing them with Anthony's.
my friend Blaire is taking them for us
We are going to the fairgrounds where we met 7 years ago
and to two different farms.
I cannot wait to see how they turn out.

After reading some blogs 
taking a gand on pinterest 
I am going to get off of here until Monday in order to enjoy my weekend
Here's hoping that yours is wonderful too!

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