Sunday, December 1, 2013

Home Tour: Kitchen

I have been needing to just get over it and post pictures of our home.
It will never look like what I want it to look like..
it is a rental
it is not "our" house
we cannot rip up the carpet,
tear down the wall paper,
paint that ceiling,
or take out those cabinets.
but we do get to live here
just the way it is
cuddle on our couch,
dance in the kitchen,
learn to cook on that stove,
gather around table,
make memories here.

I have some problems with a lot of the updates that need done in this house but I just have to keep reminding myself that we are renting this house in order to save money for our future home and learning about this crazy adventure called life. I can't really explain my upbringing in a couple words. I don't want to call it spoiled and I wasn't really handed everything but I did grow up getting nice things and did not know what it was like to pay my own bills until the last year. My parents did an AMAZING job raising me and I wouldn't trade my childhood for anyone else's but there are some changes I would have made. I wish they would have made me more responsible for my own bills and taught me more about money saving. Hey guess what though that is not what this post is about. This is all about me giving you a home tour of our home. Please excuse the dirt on the floors, the unfolded laundry and the boxes that still need unpacked & put away...
Considering our kitchen is the first room you walk into that is the room tour I am going to give you today. I want to get all of this done before the end of the week since we already have Christmas decorations up and I am really just wanting to post those pictures but I took these ones last weekend while our house was decorated for Fall and Thanksgiving and if I do not get them posted I never will and it will just get pushed back...
so here it goes...
 This is when you walk in the sliding glass door to the side entry of our house

my favorite little corner in our house.
The white cabinet was given to me when I was in high school from my Grandpa, all through high school it held jeans and tshirts and now I can finally put it in my Tupperware, mixing bowls, paper products and a bunch of left over mason jars from our wedding favors. I love decorating the top of it!

This dresser belongs to Dave (Grandma's husband/landlord)
It was in our bedroom when we moved it but ever since the day I set my eyes on it I knew it had to be put in our kitchen as a buffet and I moved it in there the day we moved in.

This little area was an add on to the kitchen years ago and we kinda use it just as an entryway.
Anthony got a great deal on the deep freeze and since we live in an older home the basement is wet and damp so it could not be put down there so its place came to be in our kitchen. I am not a big fan of it being in there but there really is no other place for it and we need to extra space for meat.

I got this bench a couple weeks ago at an auction I went to with my Mom and Dad.
It was originally sitting outside on the side porch but I really wanted to bring it in the house.
We got to use it last weekend for some extra seating when we had my family over for a pizza party and in the mean time it is just by the door to hold random stuff that needs to go out the door or to sit on to put shoes on.
(Please Note: there were dogs and cats that lived in the house before we came here and they obviously scratched on everything. It seriously kills me to see how much they destroyed! Our dogs did not do this and if I had it my way we would purchase new sliding doors and trim but once again this is a rental and that is not our responsibility. Pretty grody huh?!)

Our plates that I am obsessed with!

Coffee/Hot Chocolate station
This is our sink area. That window is actually a garden window and we haven't quite figured out how to decorate it other than with my mason jars. We might eventually try out our green thumbs and put something in there.

 So that is our Kitchen tour.
Nothing too fancy
But it is what it is
There is a lot of work that needs done but refer to the beginning of this post.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Your kitchen is so big! I love it! Your décor is amazing! Did you make all that stuff?! I love that cabinet your Grandpa made you! And that bench is so neat! I know what you mean about wanting to do updates.. I feel the same way about our house all the time... At least you have an excuse of renting. Haha! Someday the whole renting thing will be great memories and you will appreciate purchasing, decorating, and updating your own home even more! :)


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