Sunday, December 1, 2013

Home Tour: Hallway & Bathroom

My last post I finally starting posting pictures of our Home.
First stop was the Kitchen..
now we are heading down the hallway and to the bathroom
This is looking down our hallway.
The 1st door to the right is our laundry room
2nd is the bathroom
1st and only on the left is our bedroom
Straight ahead is a little landing and to the right is the basement steps
and straight out is the back yard 


Well that is our hallway
Here is our bathroom 
Super tiny in here
but it serves our needs

I love the light switches in here
Before we got married and moved in my friend Jesie and I painted the bathroom.
We were going to attempt to strip the wall paper but decided to see what it would look like if we just painted over it. And after living here for almost 6 months I can officially say that we made the right decision. It doesn't look terrible and it saved us a ton of time.
Time we didn't really want to put into the house considering we are renting it.

 Some of our DIY artwork on the counters...
 My friend and bridesmaid Blaire did this one for us actually the day before our wedding.
She was at work waiting for her shift to be over so she could come help decorate and she did this up.
I love it so much and decided it would be cute in here to go with a little nature theme.
 This one I printed off of a pinterest link and I cannot remember where it came from.
But it says...
Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, be gracious if it kills you.
 I made this hook plaque for Anthony when he was living at my parents in the basement and needed somewhere to hang his towel and coats. I ended up putting another coat of blue paint on it and hanging it here in our bathroom. Its perfect for holding towels because it is right about the vent so the heat dries them off quickly and I tend to hang my robe here too because then they are warm when I get out of the shower.
The clock was a wedding gift and it was bought from a boutique and there is no name on the back so I do not know where to tell you to get one if your interested, sorry.

 Just another random hook I hung right outside the shower door for putting a towel on to grab quick when you are getting out of the shower.
 We have three of these little windows in our house and at first I wasn't real sure if I like them but I am starting to like them because they are so different.
I really like this little area beside the toilet.
 It is a built in that comes in very handy for extra storage.
I keep monthly necessities in here, paper products and bathroom cleaning supplies.
Thank-you so much for stopping by!
Once we get more stuff arranged in our bedroom I will definitely be doing a bedroom tour which also includes our walk in closet, my vanity area and my craft/office area.
We still have boxes of stuff that we are not real sure what to do with the stuff in them or if we just need to get rid of them because it is just stuff that was in our childhood bedrooms.
We obviously have not used this stuff for 6 months so maybe it wouldn't be too hard to part with
I thought I had taken pictures of our living room last weekend but I didn't get to it and I did not realize this until we set up our Christmas tree on Friday night so the living room tour is going to be a Christmas living room tour. I am also going to get another kitchen tour posted that is of it decorated for Christmas along with the outside. But these spaces are not quite finished being decorated yet but they will be by the end of this week so I promise I will get them up on here by Saturday.

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  1. Your bathroom looks great! Once again, I love your décor! You should come decorate my house. Lol! That little window is really neat! :)


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