Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

Hello December 1st, goodbye November
Hello treadmill, goodbye running outside
 (unless Ohio decides to be bipolar and I can get a couple outdoor running days this month)
Hello ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas, Goodbye Hocus Pocus
Hello pretty Christmas decorations, goodbye Fall decorations.
Hello Engagement Anniversary, goodbye first 6 months of marriage
Hello December photo challenges, goodbye failed attempts at other months this year
(I am planning on participating in these this month & posting them weekly here on the blog)

Hello 1st Christmas as Mr&MrsFry, goodbye going separate ways on Christmas Day to
avoid family drama
Hello online shopping, goodbye crowded shopping malls
Hello sparkly fingernail polish, goodbye warm browns and oranges
Hello multiple attempts for a snowy Christmas card picture,
Goodbye pretty fall photo sessions
 Hello Mr&Mrs Winland, goodbye Miss Julie Sarbaugh!
(tying the knot this Saturday and I cannot wait to finally go to a wedding!)
 Hello pretty Christmas wreaths, goodbye fall burlap wreaths

Hello Christmas front porch
Goodbye Fall front porch

Nestful of LOve


  1. So many fun things in December! :) I'm so excited for the 25 days of Christmas on ABC! YAY! Thanks for linking up. :)

  2. Here's to hoping Ohio doesn't decide to get TOO cold so we can run outside!


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