Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last night Anthony and I started checking out places to go for our honeymoon SO exciting! but nerve racking at the same time. It is going to cost us tons of money but we both know this is the one trip we are going to get to go on together and it needs to be special because after we have kids there probably won't be such luxurious trips like what we are planning. We aren't really asking for much but the price tag makes it seem like we are asking for the best of the best. We are wanting some where really tropical, I am talking crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The problem with those small requests are none of them are in the US so we are definitely flying there and most likely needing a passport. Then we have been told by everyone that it is really smart to get an all inclusive trip so we don't have to worry about paying for anything when we get there because all our food and drinks will be included on that and so will most activities we might be interested in getting into. The price tag for all of this is ranging from $1200 per person and up so that would total at almost $3000 all together when we are done. On the good side we have plenty of time to save money. We are thinking a May or June 2013 wedding date so roughly 17-18 months to save but it all just seems so expensive! I am sure we will figure it out and it is a lot of fun looking at the hotels and how pretty the scenery is but if only we could just jump ahead and be on the plane on our way there right now!

Back to realty I really need everyone to say some prayers for us. Mark's, of our friends that is practically family , Grandpa Don had a stroke yesterday and is currently at Riverside Hospital in Columbus. They are running tons of tests and all the hospital stuff. He is in great hands being up there instead of here in Zanesville but it is all just too scary and brings back lots of memories of what my Grandpa went through. We just need tons of prayers for him to be okay and return home ASAP. Thank you everyone!

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