Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hello everyone!!!
I am sitting here enjoying my first snow day since High School. I am pretty sure it is more thrilling than then aside from the fact that no work=no money. Aside from that there is nothing I can do about it since the car is currently stuck at the end of the driveway and Anthony took the truck when he realized I was called off for the day. Last night we got hammered with snow and freezing rain within hours which put us on an immediate level three and all the schools closed.
Anthony eventually made it to work this morning and will most likely be staying there the whole day because of the 30+ people that are supposed to be there they only counted 11. Meanwhile I will be sitting here reading blogs, cuddling with the dogs and maybe cleaning a little bit.

Back to Wedding Fun! 
Looking back now I would have to say that the part that I enjoyed the most (aside from marrying my best friend and wearing the most gorgeous dress I have ever worn!) was shopping for all the little details of our wedding. I knew from the get-go that I would want to DIY the majority of our decorations. 
When I started searching for cake topper ideas the DIY route was not my initial idea. 
I knew I wanted something that would look like us and describe our relationship to a tee or at least fall into the rustic elegant them we had going on for our wedding. 
The first one that I truly fell in love with was this one that I found on Etsy.
Source: Mud Cards Etsy Shop
This cake topper had our names all over it.
To this day I still love it so much.
However being $145 it was not in our budget.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the prices of this Etsy shop and I would have ordered this if I could have but once again I did not want to skimp on a different aspect of our wedding for this. I understand the pricing of this cake topper and I would not have sold it for a penny less if I would have been the one making it. These creations are one of a kind, take tons of time and creative ability to make. Keren does a wonderful job and deserves a medal for being so creative and talented!!!!

The search was on again. 
One day while scrolling through instagram I came across the most adorable peg doll company, Goose Grease. This company sells kits for you to make your own peg doll people.
After browsing at some other people's creations and realizing that this family owned company is from right here in the US living in New York I decided I wanted to give this DIY project a try. Ordering it in early May I only had a month to figure out if this was what I really wanted & if that what I did once I had that paint brush in my hand would really look good enough to grace the top of our wedding cake.
The kit came with everything that I needed; two sets of peg dolls (for mistakes! I was sure I would be using the second set for our actual toppers), paint brushes, paint (you chose your colors), a clear coat to go over the top to protect your cake from the paint & vice versa and a little booklet with helpful hints.
After reading and researching everything I thought I would need to know I set down to paint ourselves onto these wooden peg dolls.
Source: Goose Grease Etsy Shop
Thankfully the first ones I made turned out perfectly and Anthony agreed too!!!
 I was so proud of them and when guests asked me where I got them I proudly said that I had ordered them blank and painted them myself!!! 
Ty Nicole Photography

Speaking of DIY projects, that beautiful table that our cakes sat on was made by my wonderful brother!!!
It was his gift to us and it is now our kitchen table. 
If our house was on fire it is one of the things I would sacrifice my life to get out of there. 
We love it so much and will cherish it forever!!!
If you notice we played nicely and there was no cake fight.
We decided this from the beginning that we would not smear it in each other's faces.
However I did have a little bit of a twitter in my belly just thinking of what Anthony had running through his head and what would be the outcome. 

We both played fair and kept to our promise and there was no mess to clean up.
Anthony's friend, Josiah, made our cake for us and did an amazing job!
It was their gift to us and I was so happy with how it turned out.
The two sheet cakes were actually ordered from Sam's Club and Josiah was able to pick those up and deliver all of our cakes to the reception hall.
Both tasted amazing and unfortunately a piece of our cake was not saved for our one year anniversary so we are thinking about having him make us a little cake just for the occasion. 
It will probably taste better then anyways!

All of our wedding photography was done by the AMAZING Ty from Ty Nicole Photography and she finally got her website up and running this week so I am able to put credit where it is due. This girl has got some amazing talent & I cherish our pictures from our wedding day thanks to her!!!!

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Love Always, Nancy J


  1. we didn't smash either, but i'm like you i was afraid of what Brandon might do. you did a great job on your topper. we ordered a wooden monogrammed and spray painted it the day of, i think.

  2. We didn't either- everyone was cheering us on to though haha these are fabulous though!! Love it!!

  3. Your blog is ADORABLE!!! And so are those wooden cake toppers! We haven't thought that far ahead yet, but I love that idea! I'm happily enjoying a snow day too - looooving it!

  4. I cannot believe you made those toppers! If I tried that it would look like a hott mess!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. your toppers are so sweet...and really awesome that you made them! xx.

  6. what a cool idea - your toppers turned out so so cute!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  7. You did such a great job, I love those toppers!! And your dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. You are so talented! What a great job! Looking at all that cake right now reallllly makes me want some! Haha.


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