Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On The Upward Climb To His 30s

Today my hubby turns 26.
I keep joking with him that he is nearing his thirty's. He isn't impressed lol.
But I wanted to honor the birthday boy guy today here on the blog today.
So here is a little list of all the things I love about this man...

+he is such a hardworker. 
Just like today for example he had to be at work at 7 am and won't be out of class until 7:50 pm tonight.
+ he cooks better than I do.
+ he has the same love for travel that I have. 
+ he is going to school for something that he loves.
+ he teaches me everything he knows about hunting & fishing instead of just doing it all for me.
+ he does the dishes. 
If you know anything about me you should know that I absolutely despise doing the dishes. I will seriously let them sit in the sink for days before I take care of them. For some reason I just hate to do anything with the dishes once they are dirty. 
+ he eats the food I cook. In the last couple months I have been experimenting with new recipes and he doesn't even say a word if the outcome is questionable.
+ he urges me to follow my dreams. .
(He keeps reminding me to keep running so I can run the 1/2 this summer)
+ we share the same religion. 
Ever since the get go we have both been Catholics and I even experienced a time when I was questioning my faith and he reeled me back in and was there to listen to my questions and assure me that it would ok.
+ he loves my family.
+ he is going to be a great Daddy one day and I cannot wait
+ he agrees to all my decorating ideas
+ he has the same future goals as I do (purchasing land, building a home, relocation)
+ we are both on the same page when it comes to moving to a different town or state.
+ he enjoys drinking wine with me
+ he doesn't fight with me when an argument arise. We both agree on what needs to be done and we move on from the issue.
+ he will help anyone who needs it.
+ he knows how to work on cars. 
I can only imagine the money we would have to shell out if he didn't know how to do this. He can do anything from changing the oil, fixing a flat to rebuilding a whole motor, changing the brakes.
+ he agrees to my crazy ideas.
+ he patiently waits on me even when I am always running late.
+ he gave me his last name. <3 

Happy Birthday Babe!!!
I Love You


  1. So sweet! What a great guy! Happy Birthday Anthony! He's catching up to me! Lol.

  2. How sweet! Happy birthday! You seem to have found yourself someone who really loves and supports you, you lucky lady :P


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