Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finish This...

I just found this fun little link up this  morning while reading some blogs and I couldn't resist participating. I was having a hard time coming up with something to post about for today so this really came in handy!!! Thanks so much Jen for hosting this Finish This.

I will never outgrow... licking the batters from the mixer.

I splurge on... dog food. Our dogs do not eat the super super cheat food. I don't like to eat Ramen noodles or canned tuna so why should they have to. I recently started buying canned dog food from the pet store and mixing it into their dry food along with an egg. Earlier last month we also splurged on the most expensive bag of dog food for Tank - 20 lb for $40. We had to change his diet due to his cancer, unfortunately for a 130 lb dog that little bag would not last long so we have been mixing it with his other food once a day.

My passport represents... what passport?! LOL hopefully one day soon I will have one but this poor newlywed has never left the country.

My most ridiculous fear is... being fired. We used every penny of my income along with my hubby's to survive and if one of us were to get fired it would set us back really bad. Right now it is very hard to get a job in our town so I fear what would happen. 

My favorite thing to give is... handmade gifts. Everyone is always amazed at my creativity and the smile on their face when I give them something that I have actually made myself is priceless.

I will leave you with this funny picture of Tank sleeping yesterday. 
He was out cold, snoring like his an old man. 
I took like 10 pictures and even poked his tongue and he didn't budge. 

Don't mind the left over remains of the latest fluff filled toy that only lasted about 3 minutes thanks
to Diesel and his shredding abilities. The search continues for more durable, long lasting toys
Any suggestions?


  1. I love licking the batter from beater and the bowl. And now, since I try to eat a vegan diet, my baked goods don't contain eggs, so I can eat all the batter and cookie dough I want!!

  2. What a handsome pup. Our oldest dog, Cooper, sleeps like that all the time.

  3. I don't think I'll ever outgrow licking the batter =) And handmade gifts are special much thought and love are put into them!

  4. Our girls are toy killers as well. We found a REALLY hard bone for the girls that was like $15, but we got one each and they've had them for years now! New follower!

  5. Oh yeah, girl! Love licking those mixer blades!

  6. What an adorable blog! I am so glad I stumbled on it! New follower :)

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