Sunday, August 28, 2011

As my last post said Anthony and I were celebrating our anniversary by going to Kentucky to visit the Newport Aquarium. We ended up eating at Hooters on the river and then driving around a little bit then headed home. We spent Friday evening hanging out with my parents at Dillon with the dogs. Here are some pictures and sorry for them being so out of order but I was having issues with the uploader.
Eating lunch on the dock.

Strawberry daq and Anthony's beer 

 Pictures we had Dad take when we got home. I just love the bean field in the back...I enjoy sitting out back watching the sun set over the peaceful!!!

With Tank
Something at the aquarium

Nemo fish!

this dude was huge

pretty interesting fish

there is my awesome boyfriend!!!

this guy was smiling at us

jelly fish

check out those huge teeth

overview of all the tanks

yes I asked someone to take our picture. I am very appreciative however it sucks that other people don't have the photographer eye and know how to properly take a picture...but thanks!

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