Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bump Day || Week 25

How far along: 25 weeks

Baby size: a kale

Baby's progress: Rowan's eyes are almost done forming and will soon be opening, when I told Anthony this he said he wants to try shining a flashlight on my belly to see if she reacts to it (his enjoyment of this pregnancy gives me all the heart eyed emojis, he seriously loves this as much as I do.) She has also developed eyelashes! I bet they are going to be gorgeous long lashes just like her Daddy's!

Weight gain: I have gained 8 lbs all together so far.

Maternity clothes: I am constantly wearing my maternity jeans, my regulars don't work anymore which is a-okay in my book because maternity jeans are much comfier. I have a few maternity shirts but am still able to wear my longer shirts and stretch them over the bump. Paired with a cardigan and I am good to go and look somewhat put together!

Stretch marks: I am not completely sure just yet. Need to keep reminding myself to lather on the lotion in the morning and at night.

Belly Button in or out: almost completely out but still a halfsie

Sleep: Sleeping through the night as long as I don't drink anything after like 7:00

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: lots of movement going on. Still more on the inside than the outside but I am able to catch her a couple times and when Anthony wakes up before I do he said he is able to lay there with his hand on my belly and feel her kicking up a storm.

Best moment this week: Just spending some time relaxing and not being too overbooked with photo sessions or constant running

Looking forward to: Putting together the crib and getting her little nook finished up. Still lots to do but want it done by the end of the month if at all possible.

Food cravings: Haven't really had any cravings this week

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing new or different.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still nothing making me sick and no nausea!

Labor signs: I had some Braxton Hicks but have increased my water intake and I haven't had them come back yet

What I miss: big glass of wine

Symptoms: Still prone to some swelling if I am on my feet too much or eat foods with too much salt.

Workouts: I definitely slacked this past week and bummed it out on the couch like every evening.

Things that suck: Just this little burning pain I have in my upper rib but its not like it is unbearable.

Nursery? We have her crib and I started cleaning out the drawers of the old dresser we are using for her changing table and just need to put some drawer liners in and some organizers.

Nesting? Just anxious to get her nook done


  1. Goodness time is flying! I love this top on you! You look fabulous! XO

  2. Ahh! How fun!! Congratulations! I totally always think that someday when I'm pregnant the thing I will miss most is wine too : ) xoxo


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