Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Anchor Images || Maternity Pictures

A couple weeks ago we had this beautiful snowfall that lasted a couple days here in Ohio, it had to melt away before Christmas though (insert crying emoji) Anyways, Megan with Anchor Images, who I second shoot weddings with and have become really good friends with captured some maternity pictures of me since it was so pretty outside. It was slightly cold, okay extremely cold but I have been quite the heat box here lately so I was not complaining. 

I just had to share with all of you and check out that 31 week bump! 

I am so excited with how these turned out and now we have maternity pictures from our favorite place to vacation from when we took our trip to Charleston back in October and some maternity pictures that reflect the winter time which is when Rowan will be making her debut (fingers crossed that there isn't snow and ice like there was here when we have to make our trek to Columbus when I go into labor!) 

If you are local and looking for an amazing photographer do not hesitate to check out Megan on the Anchor Images Facebook page. 

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