October in Review

October, you came and went in the blink of an eye! 
I literally feel like you were only here for maybe a week. It has been great seeing everyone's Halloween and Trick or Treating pictures popping up on my feeds as a great farewell to October. I am not going to lie, I am kind of ready, okay extremely ready, for a little bit of a slow down. During the month of October I shot two weddings plus a handful of other mini sessions, we threw our gender reveal party, and even pulled off a little mini vaca/babymoon (that I still need to share about on here).
All in all it was a great month, especially finding out that Small Fry is going to be a sweet baby girl. So I am going to leave everyone with a nice little photo dump from the month of October. Enjoy.

At the beginning of the month we fell in love with this farmhouse, went through the process of figuring out the financing for it and were disappointed that it was going to be more of a "as is" sale because the house would not pass inspection for the type of loan we were approved for. As sad as we were we resolved that it was just not meant to be and realized it would have been a little more work than what we should be jumping into. God will provide for us down the road and we will find our dream home eventually. Most likely after Rowan is born.

 Breakfast Date. We decided to hit up this cute little cafe that my cousin opened up a few months ago, The Bridge Cafe. This was prior to going to our follow up appointment for our anatomy scan.

Did some pumpkin carving which also substituted as decorations for our gender reveal party.

Announced to all our family and closest friends that Small Fry is a little girl!!!

My cousin Maddy and I shot our first wedding together, which also happened to be our other cousin's wedding. Jed and Jackie's wedding day was nothing short of amazing and such a beautiful day!

Had a couple Girls Days. It was great to hang out with some of my girl friends a couple different times this month since we are all so darn busy and don't nearly find that much time to get together. I hosted an Ohio State wreath making party and it was so much fun but took sooooo long! Aubrey was able to get out of the house for a whole afternoon and helped me second shoot a wedding. Jesie, Julie Shannon and I and a couple other girls we went to high school with hit up The Cheesecake Factory followed by some shopping at Easton and catching up. A couple weekends ago Jesie and I went to the a craft show early one morning before I was spending the whole afternoon and evening shooting a wedding and she had to study. 

We got our maternity pictures back and I am still struggling with which ones to hang on the wall. I don't want to go overboard because I know that as soon as Rowan gets here pictures of her will be filling up the frames.

Fun little purchases for Miss Rowan! 

First visit to the new dog park. Anthony and I took Tyson to check out the new dog park in town. It is only 5 minutes from our house and there is so much room for him to run and play. Only thing is this people person of a dog would rather get all the lovin's from the pet owners and running isn't much of his thing either.

Shooting Date Night. Friday night Anthony and I were able to sneak out to the farm before the sun went down and fire off some rounds. He got me signed up for a conceal carry class on Saturday and I wanted to shoot my gun a few rounds before going to the class. I am comfortable shooting but whenever I go it is always with Anthony and if I have questions I don't hesitate to ask him. The class was great on Saturday and I learned so much about protecting myself when it comes to gun laws and I got my certificate so as soon as I send the application and my background check comes back this momma is going to be packin!

Harper Drive Trick or Treat. I have been attending trick or treat at my Grandma's for as long as I can remember and this year wasn't different. Molly was the cutest little scarecrow and I could not resist dressing up my baby bump.

I am sure November is sure going to surprise us as my belly grows bigger by the day, we prepare more for Rowan's arrival, decorate for Christmas and celebrate Thanksgiving. Tonight is also the first night of this little Bible study group I have joined that I am excited to participate in, so more time spent with some of my best friends! 

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