Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exploring: Blue Rock State Park

On Sunday the sun was shining and it wasn't bitter cold outside so we woke up and made promises to each other that when we were done with the little things we wanted to get done we would do something fun outside. Anthony worked on his new fishing kayak and cleaned up the kitchen while I hit up the gym and did a load of laundry. Around 1:30 we started tossing around the idea of going hiking. I checked to see if Aubrey and Lauren and their families wanted to join us on a hiking adventure with the dogs but they had other plans already so we just decided to go somewhere close to home and just the four of us. Last Fall Tyson and I enjoyed an afternoon of walking around at one of the local State Parks and it was literally empty that day so he got to run around with no leash on and really have an adventure. There were a good bit more people at Blue Rock on Sunday but they were all fishing or shooting their bows at the target practice area so the boys had to stay on their leashes but we really had a great time. Since Blue Rock is less than 40 minutes from our house I told Anthony that we should consider going back and making a little weekend out of it and camping, and hiking and fishing. Hopefully we will actually do it this Summer but here are some pictures from our little day trip on Sunday.

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