Weekend Recap

I had a wonderful weekend that was kicked off with a shopping day with my Mom and Grandma Kuhn in Columbus. We first met with my Dad and Grandpa at this antique place to check out some old doors to be used for a headboard and my parent's want to replace a couple of the doors in their house with some more solid and full of character doors. We were amazed at how much this guy had at his place. I am definitely going to be making a trip back. After that the guys headed home with our finds from Loendick's in the truck and us ladies made our way to Columbus. We wanted to check out Burlington Coat Factory because they always have a ton of dresses. I found two dresses and a big hat for our cruise and I also found this really nice light weight, waterproof jacket for when we go hiking and for this Spring weather that is finally moving into Ohio. After that we went to BD's Mongolian BBQ for lunch and then check out Pier One. I had never been to Pier One and I loved it. They seriously have so much cute stuff! One last stop on the way home was to Buckeye Winery to get some wine because what girls day is complete without some wine. We bought a couple bottles to take home because we are allowed to have one bottle of wine each on the cruise and we knew just what we wanted to bring along! Sunday was spent doing little things around the house because it was fairly chilly outside and then we met Anthony's family at Cracker Barrel for lunch for his Grandma's birthday. All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we are all getting very excited to be leaving for our cruise in just a handful of days!

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