Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekending - County Fair

Happy Monday! 
I only say that because it is pretty much over and I am pretty pumped because I actually made it to the gym tonight and ended up working out for a solid hour and 45 minutes!!! 
Now if I can just pull it off for the rest of the week, I need the motivation ladies!!! Keep me going please!

Anywho...this weekend we were pretty busy! Well I should say I was pretty busy running all over the place. Anthony was working most of the weekend so I ended up finding fun stuff to do.
Luckily for me the Muskingum County Fair was going on all week.
Unfortunately I forgot to get our fair passes for this year and for the first time ever I had to pay the full $9 to get in, which I think is absolutely outrageous! 
I grew up going to the fair as a 4Her from the time I was a cloverbud when I was 5 years old. 
I showed horses, lambs and pigs from the age of 9-19 so it is seriously in my blood. 
It was a little depressing this year because even though I have not been in 4H since I was 19 and I am not 24 the last couple of years I was there for my brother (who is now too old!) and then teaching my cousins Maddy and Vincent. However now Maddy and Vincent are both old enough and know what they are doing that they don't need my help in the show ring and are also old enough that they are hanging out with their friends. So this officially marked the first year that I did not use any of my vacation time for fair week and I only made it down there 3 of the 7 days that it was going on.
Here is Maddy and Vincent showing their pigs during Showmanship. Showmanship was in the evening so the pigs were pretty frisky and running all over the place which is very entertaining to watch but frustrating to actually be showing because they get a mind of their own. Maddy and Vince didn't place for Showmanship but Maddy did end up placing 2nd during the Swine show for her weight class! 
Both of them did great for the sale and got a good amount per pound for their pigs. I did feel bad for Maddy though because on Friday night before they came to take the pigs to the sale barn she wanted one more picture with it and they had already taken it. 

Thursday night I ended up going to the Parmalee and Tyler Farr concert with my friends which was a lot of fun! But I was quickly reminded of my adult responsibilities when I had to get up and go to work on Friday after being out well past midnight. Growing up really isn't all it's cracked up to be!!!

Friday after I got off work I went to meet the girls again at the fair because we also had tickets to Friday night's show. I wouldn't have missed this one for the world because my cousin Daniel's band, Double Cut, was opening for the Swon Brothers. It was so cool to see them up there on that big stage and playing in front of such a big crowd. They were limited to only 35 minutes so I would have to say I enjoy watching them play at local bars their other gigs better than this was but it was equally as fun!!!

Myself and Joni before the show started!


Landon and Kevin

All of us girls!
Joni, Lauren, Aubrey, Kelsey, Me, Shelby (Aub's little sister) and Shelby's friend

After Double Cut played Aubrey and Lauren left because they don't care for Swon Brothers but Joni and I stayed. Kelsey ended up selling merchandise for the band so Joni and I ended up going to sit with my Mom, Dad, Aunt Lori, Maddy and her friends.

One of the band members from the Swon Brothers
And then we stayed to get a picture with the famous guys!! 
and hangout after everything was over.
My friend Kelsey dates the guitar player in the band and they are the cutest!
We all grew up showing horses together so listening to these guys play up on that big stage was really a great experience and fun to see how far they have come!

In between Double Cut and the Swon Brother's Joni and I took a little break and went and rode some rides.
Whenever we would get our actual fair passes they didn't come with ride passes but when you pay to get into the fair you get a ride stamp so we decided to take advantage of that

Saturday we had an adoption party to go to for my cousin Jeremy and his wife Jamie and their little boy they finally got to adopt! It was a great day but since this post is a little picture loaded I am going to post more about the party tomorrow!

Saturday night Anthony and I went to the fair one last time. This was his first time going this year but we have a tradition that we go every Saturday night to the truck and tractor pulls because that is where we met 9 years ago this year and was our first date. 
The pulls were pretty much over by the time we got there because they started earlier but we enjoyed eating lots of fair food, sitting on the hill for a little bit of the pulls and we decided to ride the ferris wheel which I might never do again lol

Sunday you would think I would have take advantage of the last day of my weekend by relaxing, umm I did not! We ended up ripping out this ugly white fence we have had in our front yard for over a year now and turning it into our chicken run on the side yard.
After we got the fence built we headed to Anthony's Mom's to pick up our chickens but first we had to make a couple stops...
one for ice cream! 
and secondly to Rural King to get some chicken supplies
I also spotted this awesome computer desk chair and wanted it so bad but didn't figure it would fit in at the office at work. Maybe one day when we get an actual office in our future home!!

Then we picked up the girls and brought them to their new home.
Meet Reba & Hennifer Aniston

We pretty much ditched the chicks and headed straight to my Aunt and Uncle's for my Dad's Birthday party! We were supposed to be swimming but the evenings here in Ohio have been cooling down a good bit and feeling more like Fall weather so swimming was called off.
We did end up making a fire in the fire pit and had some smores.

It really was the perfect way to end our long eventful weekend!
I am sad to be saying good bye to Summer but sitting around this fire pit made me realize how much I look forward to Fall here in Ohio!
I think we are very limited to our summer days but I am going to try to enjoy them while they last and hopefully get a couple more Saturdays in at Spiker's pool instead of running around like crazy all weekend!



  1. What a busy weekend! Sounds like you had a great time though. I LOVE bonfires on cool nights :)

  2. Bonfires are the best. Looks like you had a blast.

  3. What an amazing weekend! Sounds like so much fun! I can't do fair rides! I love all the concerts you got to see! Lucky! :) How cute are those chicks! Are they just for egg laying?


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