Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charleston, South Carolina vaca recap - Day 3

Are you ready for picture overload?
I hope so because on Day 3  of our Charleston vacation we decided to take a carriage tour of downtown Charleston. I am really glad we decided to do this because the tour took us places that we had never been before in downtown and the tour guide was great so we learned so much about the homes and history!
If you are ever in Charleston make sure you take a carriage tour with Palmetto Carriage 
Most of the carriage barns are on the same block but Palmetto is the only one with a big red barn.
The staff was all super friendly and the barn was really neat inside too!

Our first stop was the lottery system to find out what tour route we would be taking. Since the carriage companies are actually ran by the City there is a lottery system in order to determine your route. I am guessing this is to void there being carriage congestion. We ended up getting the middle route and when asked what was the best to get Bubba, our tour guide, said "There is no such thing as a best route its all in the best tour guide!"  

I had seen lots of recommendations to try out Poogan's Porch and we never made it back down there. I think that our next trip to Charleston we are going to try to spend more time in downtown Charleston. 

I just loved all the details of the mansions. It is amazing that these homes have stood for so long and that they have been maintained so well even through the hard times that Charleston has been in.

 After our tour we went to our favorite pizza shop that we go to every year!
Pizzeria Di Giovani

After lunch we took a nice little walk through Charleston and go see Rainbow Row since it wasn't part of our carriage tour.  

We ended up leaving because there was a storm rolling in and from last year's flood experience we did not want to get stuck in downtown again.
This was last year when we were there and it rained during high tide. When this happens the water has no where to go so it floods the streets. We ended up being stuck there until after midnight but luckily we found an Irish Pub (Tommy Condon's) with great entertainment and hey we were on our honeymoon and madly in love. We were perfectly fine with cuddling in a little booth listening to music. 
However this year we did not want to get stuck here again! 
p.s. did you notice that I totally wore the same shirt this year when we went to downtown that I wore last year too!

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  1. Haha! I did notice that you were wearing the same shirt! What are the odds of that?! Too funny! Love the pictures! Looks like such a nice place! And I love that you did a carriage ride! :)


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