Thursday, August 7, 2014

Charleston, South Carolina Vaca Recap - Day 1&2

We didn't end up getting to my Uncle Brad and Aunt Anita's house til later in the evening so after grabbing a bite to eat we decided to hit the hay pretty early. What better thing to do than go to bed before 10 on your last day of being 23. Yeah nothing too exciting, this might be a sign that I am getting old but I am not complaining. Sunday, aka my 24th birthday, we slept in and actually went to my cousin Bryson's birthday party at a paintball course. We decided last minute that we would be going to do this and I was excited/nervous. I had never been paint balling before but it was actually something that is on my bucketlist so I was able to check it off.  

the course was pretty neat but unfotunately paintballing was not as much fun as I had imagined (thanks to Failure to Launch for making my expectations higher) I only  ended up playing one round and luckily when I was hit it was from far away so no bruises. Anthony got hit  pretty close and his bruise is just now fading away and it has been 3 weeks. 

Even though I managed to escape getting bruised up I ended up getting attacked by mosquitos! I was absolutely awful, I woke up the next morning with 20 some bites on each leg.
Since the weather was on and off rainy we decided to leave and head over to Isle of Palms because the weather was looking wonderful over there.

On the way there we made a little pit stop at the Pitt Street Bridge where we always go to do some bird watcing and typically go fishing at every year. It is just a relaxing place to go take a walk and look at the pretty houses that are around there. 

We eventually made it to Isle of Palms and hung out on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. That was all that I asked for on my birthday was to be on the beach. It was a little overcast but very warm. We played in the waves for a while but then we ended up laying out and taking a nap.
We finished up the day with birthday cake thanks to my Aunt Anita, shes the best!

Monday morning we got up early and took a little walk on the beach and just spent some time the two of us talking and enjoying eachother's company. 

Next we went to Charles Towne Landing to get a little history in. This place was recommended to us but we decided it was a little better for families with children. We enjoyed walking around but cut off visit short and headed to Folly Beach.

Before hitting up the beach we had lunch at the Sea Side Cafe on Folly. 
I loved the atmosphere and sitting on the patio is a must when it is an option!

My food was delicious and my drink was even better! I ended up ordering two and could have handled another but Anthony would have had to carry me out of there and it was only 1:00

After lunch with full bellies we headed to the beach.
The rest of our day was spent laying around on the beach and napping.
We ended up buying this awesome sports umbrella from Sam's Club and it was the best investment ever because Anthony burns easily and it allowed some shade from the heat so we were able to spend more time at the beach and he was able to relax without worrying about burning and then me being rushed home sooner than I want to be.

thankfully you can't see all my mosquito bites on my legs in this picture. They were quite the site and strangers probably wondered if I had chicken pox, talk about embarrassing!
Our first two days were very laid back and unplanned which is how most of the trip went but we still did a good bit of sight seeing and just being in Charleston is enough. There is this laid back, southern vibe that you get when you are there that is just unexplainable but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. that drink does look really delish and it was your birthday shouldn't you be allowed to have two even if it was only 1pm??

  2. Love all the pics! Looks like you guys did a lot of touring! Which is nice! Pretty scenery! That food looks like something out of a magazine! And I'll take one of those drinks right now !:)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I've never been paint balling before...I'm too scared to get hit! haha That sucks that you got attacked by mosquitos!


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