Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dude Where's My Car!!??

I couldn't help using that title!!!
Yesterday I mentioned I was going to tell my story about my eventful day on Friday. 
This seriously was one of the most embarrassing, hilarious and scary things all in one that has ever happened to me and I would prefer to never have happen again. I am also never going to live it down, pretty sure my family is going to talk about it and tease me about it for years to come!

A little insight to my general schedule on Fridays are as follows: We get off an hour early at 4:00 every Friday, I give the front desk lunch break for an hour and I take a one hour lunch. Therefore I am already automatically away from my desk three hours and then throw in afternoon errands which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours sometimes. As you can tell my Fridays are spent away from my desk and are slightly faster paced than Monday through Thursday. 
Sidenote: we are on the same block as the Courthouse so fairly close for running errands.

So there was a lot of time sensitive documents that needed recording on Friday and after working through my lunch and then going on errands I came back to the office at 3:58 and luckily Courtney and Sarah were here waiting on me so I didn't have to lock up the office by myself. 
We walked out to the parking lot and Sarah and Court asked me where I had parked my car.
I had not left at all that day and had remembered parking my car in the parking lot that morning. Courtney and Sarah had recalled seeing it in the parking lot during their lunch breaks.

I am immediately overwhelmed with shear panic. I quickly called Anthony hoping he had borrowed it and forgot to let me know. He had not. We got off the phone. He was going to call my brother and I was going to call my Mom and Dad due to the fact that they both have access to our house where the spare key is hanging for my car. Neither one of them have it or know anything about it. My Mom told me to call the Zanesville Police Department ASAP because it is only logical that it has been stolen!

At this time I am crying and there were thoughts running through my head as to what someone could be doing to my car. For one I had the keys so they have obviously hot wired it and destroyed that part of it, they probably rummaged through everything in the car and who knows what they were going to do to dump it! UGH the possibilities were endless. 

Courtney decided to drive around the block to see if she saw it sitting anywhere and Sarah and I head to the ZPD. We turned onto 5th Street and are driving by the Court House and I see my car sitting in the parking lot. I told Sarah to pull in the parking lot!

We both started laughing hysterically because I had obviously been in such a rush that I had decided to drive my car to do errands earlier but had forgotten and walked back to the office. I quickly called everyone and let them know it had been found. The time frame for all of this happening was a good 30 minutes so word got around pretty fast as my Mom was at my Aunt and Uncle's pool with other family members and told them what was going on. Needless to say the majority of our family now knows and I have received many texts this weekend from everyone making sure that I know where my car is!

As funny and good of an outcome it was I still do not want something like it to ever happen again! I now know the feeling of what it feels like to get something stolen from you and am thanking God that I did not make it to the PD because they would have eventually (hopefully!) found my car in the Court House parking lot, watched the surveillance cameras and seen me getting out of it and walking into the Court House! How awful would that have been?!

From this I learned that it is not acceptable for me to skip lunch and Anthony might want to consider getting a GPS tracking device put on my car!


  1. Girlfriend, this is way too funny!! And even more funny because I am pretty sure this would happen to me! Ha! :) :)

  2. Bahahaha! This is so funny Britt! You must of had a busy day with lots on your mind! I'm glad nothing bad happened to your car tho! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, too funny! I'm glad it wasn't actually stolen and now you have a good story and can laugh about it! Sometimes you just get so busy, you totally forget :)


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