Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Charleston Summer Vaca 1st Stop Mount Mitchell

Our first stop on vacation to Charleston was a simple request from the Mr. 
He had proposed this idea multiple times to me in the last couple weeks leading up to our trip and at first I was kinda like EHH I don't know I would rather just get there and be sitting on the beach ASAP. But after a while I decided that I would have a whole week to be on the beach and it would actually be fun. 
So the idea to stop at Mt. Mitchell was added to our trip.
Mt. Mitchell is located in North Carolina and is the highest point East of the Mississippi and you can park pretty close to the top and it is a short walk to the top and the views are supposed to be spectacular...
on a clear day with no rain or fog!

Needless to say it was raining and there was fog.
The roads leading up to the top are extremely windy, it reminded me of the mountainous roads in California. So add that on top of the fog we were going at top speeds of umm..oh about maybe 30 if that!

We kept telling ourselves we might get to the top and be above all the fog. I mean come up on, shouldn't be near clouds anyway? being this high up?!

Well we get to the parking lot and this is what we see...
clearly almost nothing!

I need to remind you that we were heading to the sunny and usually hot state of Charleston, SC so we were not packed for the colder, windy, and rainy temps that we were greeted by. 
Luckily I had a sweatshirt that I had packed and a pair of capris so we headed to top still hoping it would be clearer up there.

Yea not so much! 
But we made it to the top and snapped some quick pictures and practically ran back to the car!

The drive back down the Mountain was equally as slow as the drive up but we did enjoy stop to take a picture of this beautiful lake that was at the bottom (after some research I found out it was Lake Tahoma) and I took a picture of this really cool house that was on the lake. The whole lake was surrounded with homes placed on the banks and each had beautiful docks and I just imagined all the fun that people must have living on a lake or just visiting for little get aways! 

All in all this little mini trip inside of our vacation was a nice experience and maybe one day we can return to Mount Mitchell when there is less fog and who knows maybe we can do some more exploring and checkout Lake Tahoma!


  1. I'm sure that would be so pretty without rain and fog! What an annoying drive, though.

  2. Glad you made the best of it despite the weather! :)


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