Weekend Recap

Aside from celebrating Easter on Sunday we also had an eventful weekend.
Friday night we met some of our friends at Adornetto's for salads and pizzas and then Anthony and I joined my Mom and Dad at Rooster's for drinks.
(I didn't take any pictures Friday night and I kicked myself later for not doing so!)
Saturday morning I woke up extremely motivated to get some major housework done. We have been so behind on getting laundry done and my goal is to have all of it done and put away before we leave at the end of the week for our trip along with having the house completely spotless. I ended up busting out 6 loads (!!!) of laundry and then my Mom called me and wanted me to meet her and my Grandma at the mall for a little girls day. We ended up getting pedicures and grabbing a bite to eat at Garfield's. It was my Mom's first time getting a pedicure and she loved it! I think we have her hooked which I will not complain about because getting a pedicure every three months or so would be lots of fun to do with my Mom. Grandma talked my Grandpa into going and picking up my Dad and tricking him into getting a pedicure too! He was not too thrilled about it but he said it was very relaxing and felt good. After we left the mall I went home and Anthony and I just hung out until 5:30. We had to be at Grandma's for our annual Easter egg coloring at 6:30 but I wanted to swing into Kohl's to try to find some jean shorts for our cruise. I had the hardest time finding some and I am not completely sure I am completely satisfied with what I got so I am going to check out some other stores this week. Egg coloring was fun but unfortunately there are only 3 little kids that are still getting into it and the excitement isn't as big as it used to be but it was still fun for all of us (except Maddy, she had to work) to hangout at Grandma and Dave's.

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