I'm Back

Oh Hey Ladies!
I have been pretty MIA for the last few weeks or so but we returned from cruising around the Bahamas and settling back in is excuse enough but on top of that life got extremely crazy here on the home front with two baby showers our first weekend home, my first wedding that I am second shooting with this summer and two more bridal showers and then to top it off work got even crazier because the girl that was training me to cover for her when she has her sweet little baby got put on bed rest about 9 weeks too early so hello no training and just jumping into a whole new position. So pardon my absence but I am back and I have a ton of pictures and stories to share with all of you. I am planning on recapping our vacation in more detail the coming weeks but I also want to get some time to document what has been going on in our lives too. Vaca recap is probably going to be mixed in with all my other blogging topics but I promise I am not going to leave you all hanging. 

Being gone for a week on a cruise ship with no cell service and I was not about to pay for the wifi package on the ship I had a great week of disconnecting from social media and all life from home. Coming back though I have felt like I missed out on all the important announcements but hey life goes on and I will catch up eventually. So if you got engaged, are expecting, painted your front door or wore the cutest outfit ever.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you!

Tonight I am going to leave you with this goofy picture of Tyson I snapped today. Unfortunately all I had was my iPad so it is snotty quality but I couldn't resist sharing. 

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  1. Welcome back! I've been kind of MIA also, but I'm working my way back to blogging. :)


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