Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Weekend Recap 2014

That is his "Mom you better get your Christmas picture blog posted before next year and no one cares anymore about how we spent our Holiday" face. No really though tomorrow is the last day of 2014 and it doesn't seem like time is slowing down any bit around here. I luckily had 4.5 days off for Christmas so after I went on my mad cleaning spree and one last trip for any procrastination shopping that needed to be done I jumped into my pajamas and spent as much time as physically possibly lounging around with that big guy up there.

I finally got our critter tree up just in time for everyone to be visiting our house for Christmas. A select few found themselves hanging out temporarily on the little tree that I had until Anthony cut a hole in a chunk of wood for me to put this bigger tree up in the kitchen and then it was pretty much complete. Family and friends also bought us some really cute ones to add to our collection! 

Tyson spent the majority of Christmas Eve and Christmas day drooling over these cupcakes and cookies that we had out for everyone. I was pretty proud of him, he didn't attempt to help himself to any of them, even when I forgot them out on the table over night and on Friday.

I have a fair amount of reading to get done after telling Anthony some of the books that have been on my reading list. It doesn't look like my goal to read more in 2015 is going to be too hard. I am also going to be teaching myself calligraphy in the coming year. I told Anthony a couple months ago that I really wanted to give it a try and he remembered. 

My Momma added to my never ending supply of mason jars with this set. I cannot wait to bust these out this Summer. They are so cute!!!!

My Grandma painted these beautiful pieces at the local ceramics place and gifted them to us for Christmas. I am in love with them. There is something that is extra special about receiving handmade gifts. I decided that this upcoming year I am going to go to the ceramics place once a month and paint a piece to eventually give next year for Christmas to different people. Scratch that, I am probably going to have to go twice a month, one time to paint something to give away and another time to paint something for our house.

We concluded Christmas twenty14 with Christmas at my Grandma Spiker's. I love getting together with these cousins and watching the little kids open gifts. We pretty much got gift of the year by getting Evan a marshmallow blaster. He was so pumped and all of us adults were playing with it every chance we got. I might be making another trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a couple more. 

All in all Christmas this year was very low key, other than the excessive amounts of traveling we made all over Muskingum County but getting to see everyone really topped that off, and hey gas is under $2.00 around here so we're not complaining about the extra miles. 

I am really excited to ring in the new year tomorrow first by kicking it off with getting out of the office early at 12:00 and then ringing it in with the big Doublecut New Years Eve Party. 
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  1. Sounds like a great couple of days off and celebrating Christmas with your family! I love that green vest your wearing! Tyson's face is just too cute! Your critter tree is getting full! It's so adorable! :)


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