Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Traditions

I am a huge lover of making traditions. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated strictly to traditions. Mainly traditions for one day when we have kids but we are not waiting around for the kiddos to continue making traditions with each other and our families. 

Ever since I was little my Mom gifted my brother and I an ornament that was significant to whatever we had going on in our lives at that time. When I got married I got to take all of those ornaments with me and now they go on our tree in our living room. When Anthony and I started dating we started buying each other ornaments for Christmas, so now we have quite the collection of ornaments. 
Last year when we got married I bought a personalized ornament for our first year of being married. it is by far my favorite ornament so far!

I have no clue how I am going to top it off this year but we will see what we come up with.

ABC's 25 Days of Christmas.
I love watching all of the Christmas movies that ABC Family plays leading up to Christmas. We kicked off December 1st with Elf and The Santa Claus. Anthony isn't as fond of all of these movies but we both find ourselves laughing during Elf no matter how many times we have watched it.

Christmas Cards.
Ever since we got engaged I have sent out Christmas cards from Anthony and I. The first year was our engagement pictures, last year it featured our wedding pictures and we also did a Bloopers card with Tank and Diesel. This year we will definitely be including our new addition from 2014, Tyson.

Christmas Lights.
 There are some locals around here that really deck out their houses for Christmas with lights and blow ups all over their yards. Last year we attended the Miracle on Main Street for the lighting of the Court House in Zanesville followed by the Festival of Trees and a little dinner date at Zak's. I am planning on going again this year and most likely this time we will be joining some of the girls I work with and their families. Another thing I would really like to do this year is the Columbus Zoo Wild Lights and hopefully we can finally make it because I have been wanting to go for a couple years now and we always put if off and don't make it.

Critter Tree.
When bottle brush ornaments started hitting the stores a couple years ago I fell in love with them. Every year now I purchase one or two for our little tree that I put in our kitchen. Last I was even gifted a few. I have this feeling that here soon I am going to have to dedicate a bigger tree to these little guys which will make it even more fun I am sure.

Christmas Eve Mass.
Every year we join my family at our Church for midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. We both come from Catholic families and our Church is always decorated beautifully for Christmas.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If so, what are they? I love hearing what everyone else does to celebrate this magical time of the year.


  1. Love all your traditions! You are definitely going to need a bigger tree for the little furry friends!! :)

  2. I love traditions as well, they make holidays extra special :) Looking at all of the lights is definitely one of my favorites!

  3. I love your traditions! Christmas is the best time of year!
    Melanie @


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