Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I promise I can never get a weekend recap post up on Monday, it just never happens. 
Mondays around here are spent running around like crazy getting ready for work and starting off the new work week. I have never been a fan of Mondays so collaborating a post showcasing how amazing my weekends were is not usually what I am looking forward.
Now a big glass of wine, that is something I could handle come 6 p.m.

So I just save Tuesdays and most of the time Wednesdays for doing so.
We had a pretty eventful weekend.
Friday Night. 
I had a slumber party at the hospital with Miss Mariah and ended up partying it 
up the majority of Saturday with her too. 
Since she has been transferred back to our hometown for the time being until she is cleared for full blown therapy I said I could spend the night with her in order for her Mom to get a break from sleeping in the hospital and go home to get stuff done around there.
I was a little apprehensive about staying all night in the hospital because I never had before but everything was just fine. We stayed up til 11:30 chit chatting which in turn
left Saturday for catching up on sleep and rest followed by more chit chatting and tv watching.
I ended up getting home a little before Anthony did from getting off of work for the day at 5:00 and we ended up renting movies, buying a bottle of wine and cuddling on the couch.
Anthony had to work and I had the benefit for Mariah for the whole day.
There were so many people that showed up for the benefit and we met our goal in order to help with some of Mariah's medical bills and some other stuff they are going to incur.
All of us volunteers!

Spending Sunday with all these amazing people helping one of the strongest women I know, wouldn't have had it any other way! Knowing that over half of these people are family and the other half friends that have become family warms my heart. I seriously cannot wait to see what God has in store for Miss Mariah and be a part of making it all come true. God has been so good to this family and seeing all these miracles happen has been amazing!! Please continue praying for Mariah that she powers through the next couple months as she begins some therapy and eventually a closer step towards coming home. We have seen many miracles in the last couple months and I am sure this is not the end of it all. 

I hope all of you have a work week that flies by just like our weekends always do.
Anyone have big plans for the July 4th weekend? 

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