Friday, July 11, 2014


I am not gonna lie I was a little disappointed last week when I realized the Five on Friday girls were taking a little summer break because I always look so forward to reading everyone's fives and sharing my own. It is just such a fun and easy post to do up and everyone's is so different. So today when two of my favorite bloggers announced today that they are doing their own I was pretty excited.

Make sure you head over to The Farmer's Wife and September Farm to participate in this goodness!
So here is my five for Oh Hey Friday!

+ my bff Blaire made a pretty tough decision this week breaking up with her bf of 4 years and moving back into her parent's house. I know the decision that she made was for the best and Anthony and I were there to help her move out. I know she will find Mr. Right but for now she is going to get to enjoy being 23! We finished the night off with Red's Apple Ales sitting around the kitchen table.
+Anthony surprised me with a new drink surprise last night and oh my goodness these are so delicious. They come in cute little cans too (everything is cuter in the mini) Make sure you try these asap, you don't know what your missing.
+Last night I ended up going fishing with Anthony and for the first time ever I outfished him!
Mrs.-3 Mr.-0
+Saturday I am going to my friend Courtney's baby shower and am still trying to figure out what to make for her and the sweet babe. I am most likely going to end up with one of these cute conglomerations of baby stuff in a big basket.
+Saturday night I am staying at the hospital again with Miss Mariah. She has done so much this week from getting herself ready every day, walking and even lifting weights so a slumber party is definitely in order!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here is hoping that the upcoming work week flies by because come Friday we will be Charleston, SC bound and I am so ready for a week of beaching it up with my Mr.


  1. Happy Friday! Those mangoritas are soo good! Hope you have a great slumber party! You sound like a great friend. :)

    Saying hi from the September FARMS linkup!

  2. I've never tried the mangoritas, but they sound delicious! It's so nice of you to be there for your friend during a hard time in her life...breakups are rough.

  3. I've never tried those little margarita drinks but they all sound so yummy and refreshing! And so does the red's apple ale that you and your gf drank! Breakups are always tough but someday it will all make sense to her! :) I hope you cousin is doing well!


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