Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekending - Returning Home

Letting out a huge sigh as I sit here. It is not necessarily a sigh of relief but more of a sigh of where did the last week go to, how did time slip by so fast and how is it physically possible that we found ourselves setting our alarms for 6:00 a.m. last night before falling asleep. AHH Vacation is over and it is back to reality!

I will definitely be getting our vacation recap up this week but in the meantime I didn't want to leave you all hanging so I was just give you a little recap of our oh so fabulous weekend, just promise you won't be jealous. Are you ready for it? Just wait til you see all the excitement we had!

We literally just sat in the car all day Saturday!!!
Jealous much? I didn't think so!
Really though, Friday night we got news that there was going to be some delays in our travels home due to the East Mountain River Tunnel fire and that we might want to consider a detour.
We ended up packing up the car early Saturday morning and leaving my Aunt and Uncle's house in Mt. Pleasant by 8:00 a.m. We stopped for breakfast around 9:30, I took a nap from about 10 til 2:00 and woke up to traffic moving fairly stready but within an hour or so we were at a stand still. We consulted the trusty map and decided to get off the interstate and do some back roading through the mountains. 

This option did give us plenty of gorgeous views along the way but we couldn't get past the fact that we were adding another two hours onto our trip. We put that aside though and soaking in God's beautiful creation and even stopped at the pretty little stretch of river in VA and put our toes in the water. 

We also took some time to laugh at some of the funny things you do get to see when you are on the interstate. The things people do...

We ended up getting home around 10:00 p.m. and opted out of picking up Tyson and Diesel from my parent's house til Sunday morning and went straight to bed after submitting our MyPublisher book order from our trip (more on that another day!) 

Sunday morning we woke up, unpacked the car, put some of it away and headed to Mom and Dad's to pick up the boys. We decided to stop at the local donut shop and pick up breakfast and give us a sweet little reminder that we are back in Zanesville. Tyson and Diesel were so excited to see and Tyson was even giving hugs!! He is such a sweet heart.
We ended up spending the rest of Sunday playing with the dogs, unpacking more, doing laundry and cleaning up outside. Coming back from vacation is never too enjoyable for us just because we love traveling so much and don't mind being away from the house. Aside from leaving the dogs we would consider traveling much more so until we figure out hotels that allow big dogs to stay we will be refraining from dogless travels until next summer that is.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and this week flies by for you.


  1. Awww how cute! Looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous vacation pictures! So jealous of your trip! I need a vacation! LOL

  2. Sorry that you had bad traffic, but glad you had a great trip! So cute that Tyson was giving hugs when you got home :)


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