Long Overdue Girls Day

This past weekend was great because I got to catch up with my friend Shelby.
We used to work together and had the opportunity to talk to each other on the phone frequently but then life got super busy, I left the hearing aid office and we finally made a shopping date in Granville followed by some wine at Buckeye Winery on the square in Newark.

cute little boutiques and shops in Granville. 
We ate lunch at this really fun bar called Brews which we are already planning a date with the hubbies back to in a couple weeks, did some shopping and then went for a glass of wine.
In all reality the wine was what we were really looking forward to!!!

I had so much fun catching up again and just having a girls day of shopping.
All to often I find myself going shopping alone because it is usually just a spur of the moment trip and I don't bother calling anyone to go with so this was definitely needed.
I ended up doing more window shopping than actually buying anything other than a really cute chalkboard pig and a bottle of wine from the winery, and of course I got Acai Raspberry (my fave from there!)

Sunday we had dinner at Grandma and Dave's for his birthday but I had a pretty bad headache so I went home early instead of watching the Nascar race with everyone.
All in all it was a fun weekend and I am definitely looking forward to planning our next date with Shelby&Josh and going to hangout at Brews.

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  1. Sounds fun! Girls days are always so refreshing! I love your top in those pics! :)


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