Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekends Are Never Long Enough!!!

and where is Summer going to?!

How was everyone's 4th of July?
Ours was okay other than Mother Nature rained on my holiday which was no fun
We went to watch some fireworks Wednesday night with Aubrey, Mark and Luke at the race track
Since it was raining we just parked along the road instead of going to watch the races because they probably weren't really all that great if they even ended up finishing due to the rain.

Thursday: Anthony had to work til 3:00 and when he got home we were originally going to head to his Uncle John and Aunt Kelly's in Burton Ohio (close to Cleveland) but the cookout had started at noon and we wouldn't have made it til 5 or so and everyone probably would have already headed out. So we decided we will just make a weekend of it sometime and go up there to stay with them. Once again it was raining so we decided to go to Family Video to rent some movies then go home and cuddle on the couch. We ended up renting The Bachelorette and Jack Reacher. I thought The Bachelorette was going to be really funny but it was pretty lame and surprisingly I really liked Jack Reacher.

Friday: neither one of us had to work so we ended up sleeping in and then had to make a trip to get some mulch for our flower beds and decided to get a couple more flowers to go around the flower bed we just made that is by a bird feeder that we relocated in our front yard. By the way I married a bird watcher so we have bird feeders all over the place and he is never found without his trusty binoculars ready to tell me whatever type of chirping might be making that noise. Ladies they all sound the same to me but really I just have to go along with him and learn something new.

Saturday: Anthony had to work and I have been wanting to hit up our farmers market because we live closer to it now but I was extremely disappointed. I am hoping it will be better in the fall! I cannot wait to decorate our front porch with pumpkins and and all of that fun stuff! Leaving the market empty handed was a big disappointment and I still needed some fruit for my smoothies I cannot go a day without so I decided to check out a different grocery store that is close to our house. It is a newly remodeled Pik-N-Save and it was so much nicer than the one we go to in downtown Zanesville...much much cleaner and less trashy people walking around there. Speaking of walking around, I have been finding myself just wandering the aisles at the grocery store aimlessly looking for something to cook! I have no clue what I am doing and it makes me slightly depressed. I thought when we got married the whole cooking abilities just came with the wedding ring and new last name, I was WRONG!! I really need to perfect my cooking skills or Anthony might loose a couple pounds in the next couple weeks.

Around 2:00 I got a phone call from my brother. Him and one of our friends Austin were taking a bike ride for the day and Austin ended up wrecking his bike and the tire came off the rim and wouldn't hold air so they called me to come pick him up. After a 45 minute drive both ways we got Austin back to his house safely and he ended up having us over for dinner because I was already smoking pork and a brisket and I wasn't going to turn down this offer, especially when it involved sitting on their back porch soaking in this view
topped off with a rainbow and I really wasn't ready to leave!!

Sunday: Anthony had to work again but we still only have the truck and bike and it was raining so I told him I would take him to work. Actually he probably would have taken the truck and I would have just had no transportation so I really had no other option. After I dropped him off I had some stuff to return to Kohl's and needed to get birthday gifts for Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt because they were having a pool party later. I ended up exchanging a single coffee cup maker for a mini blender and a small lasagna dish and got Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt beach towels since they have their pool now. I hurried home because I spent more time than planned, wrapped their gifts (to all my bridesmaids that told me that I was ridiculous for saving tissue paper from my showers, well I was well equipped with gift bags and tissue paper and my gifts looked amazing and didn't cost me a penny! hah!) The pool party was great and a perfect way to end the rainy 4th of July weekend but of course the holiday weekend ended too soon and the work week started up again! Just back to counting the days til Thursday.

This weekend is supposed to be the first no rain (fingers crossed this doesn't change) weekend and since I have a 3 day weekend you can bet I will be soaking it up at Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's at their pool.
Summer is going way too fast and I don't like it so I am about ready to toss all house work out the door until winter and focus solely on spending time outside! 

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