Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was of course too short once again but I am not complaining about these 3 day weekends
and spending 3 days at the pool its probably a good thing that 3 is all I get (feelin a little crispy today!)
I spent every day starting Friday morning at my Aunt and Uncle's new swimming pool, I was doing really good working on my tan until yesterday...I completely forgot to put on sunscreen and now I am paying for it.
After 6 hours floating on the raft the sun got the best of me - SUN:1 BRITT:0

1. we have been getting visitors to our apple tree every evening. Anthony is dying because of the fact that our house is in the city limits so these guys are off limits come September. 2. Diesel loves going for truck rides. We let him join us for a quick trip to the bait store! 3. I found this nasty boy in our basement when I was taking our trash out! Needless to say I put him in a jar because Anthony was not home, I wanted him to believe me about how big it was and I didn't trust him to stay in our basement without confinement 4. Day one at the pool, freshly painted nails to match my suit and some Glacier Cherry Gatorade in a mason jar -Pure Bliss!! 5. This is how Tank spends his Saturday mornings while I was watching Identity Thief before it had to be returned 6. Day two at the pool 7. my pool bag that I loved packing every morning this week because it all went into my awesome new 31 bag that was a wedding gift!! I am amazed by how much this baby will hold. 8. Day 3 poolside - yesterday my cousin had baseball tournaments so Mom and I had the pool to ourselves for the whole about relaxing but I was still missing the kids to play with 9. Mom and Dad had us over for dinner and JK even made an extra batch of these amazing Red Lobster biscuits!! they are the bomb and we will not be talking about how many I had. We will just leave it at I might have a double date with the dvd player and TurboFire this week

After having such a relaxing weekend I was definitely dragging myself out of bed this morning but knowing I only have to wake up 3 more mornings to go to work until it is a 3 day weekend again and on the up side of it this weekend is my birthday weekend so you can bet we will be getting into some fun stuff! Find out what everyone else did with their weekend over at Sami's and link up your weekend fun!!!

Sami's Shenanigans

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