Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Reading: before we went on our honeymoon I bought Folly Beach by Dorothea Benton Frank on my ipad. This is the first book I have bought for my iPad and I am kind of liking it but I also love having my big bookcase full of the books that I have read and not taking up memory space on my iPad but it is also kind of nice to have it with me at all times to just pull out and start reading and not have to worry about losing my spot. Anyways you would think since I have it with me all the time I would have already finished this book by now but I am still only half way through it. I don't know if it is because I am so busy with house stuff or busy trying to figure out this whole wifey thing but I just cannot finish it! I am hoping to be done with it by Sunday so I can get started on a different one.

Loving: my new painted hallway! before the bottom half had a grayish white wood paneling type thing going on (you know straight out of the 90's?!) and the top was just a plain white wall with lots of nail holes, black marks (idk what from) and dirty hand prints (hey I did not live here before, we are just renting it!) Anyhow I ended up buying a quart of teal and a quart of green a couple months ago when Jesie and I were painting the bathroom and I still hadn't gotten around to doing it and I finally did last week. I was originally going to paint the ceiling the green color but Anthony talked me out of it since we are not going to be living here for a long time. So I will just settle with the teal. When I wake up in the mornings this wall is the first thing I see and it quickly reminds me of a beach house!!! I would love all the walls in our house to be bright colors just like this!

Wearing: maxi dresses!!! I didn't think I would like them originally but after I wore the one on our honeymoon I was swooning over every single one I saw at the store so when we got home I made a little trip to TJ Maxx and Gabe's and snagged up a couple and I have been wearing them ever since!!! They are so cute and flowy which is perfect for the office because most of the time it is a little stuffy here.
here is the one that got me started on this little infatuation!!!

Looking forward to: the weekend! hey who isn't? but really this weekend it is supposed to be nice and not raining. Which if it doesn't rain it will be the first weekend we have had since we got married that it hasn't rained. So since Anthony is going to be working I am going to Spiker's pool and will be laying out there and getting my shine on the for the weekend! (I mean that in more ways than one!)

Cooking/Baking: Not much really! lol on Saturday I made these little cheesecakes mine didn't turn out as cute looking but I am trying to remind myself that not everything is going to look as presentable as it does on Pinterest. Every night we have been invited to someone's house for dinner and I haven't had to cook, I might not be complaining one bit.

I did end up at Mom and Dad's last night.
Originally I was planning on making my first ever homemade lasagna but when she had ribs and corn on the cob I couldn't turn that down and Anthony and JK were working on the truck til late. 
So this was in my belly!

Singing To: my Aunt Lori & Uncle Matt a little Happy Birthday tune!!! how cool is that they are husband and wife and they share the same birthday, they are just awesome like that. A big Happy Birthday goes out to Uncle Matt though because he is turning the big 4-0 today!!! 

Missing: all of the wedding planning I had been doing! When we rented movies on Thursday I kept pulling movies that had something to do with Weddings and Anthony realized I still have Wedding Brain going on. On top of the planning I was getting to see all my girls like every week or so and we haven't gotten together since the wedding and I am really missing all of them. I hope I am able to squeeze some pool time in with them this weekend or next!!! 

Planning: my birthday weekend! I am turning 23 and it really doesn't seem like a real big deal and Anthony actually has to work 7-3 so we can't really do anything extravagant but I am thinking about spending my morning and afternoon either soaking up some rays at the pool and then Saturday night we might finally be going to the Drive-In movies. I have been wanting to for the last couple of Summers and we live closer now so why not!?! And does this not look like the perfect way to spend an evening cuddled up with your main squeeze?!! I think so!!! 

Overusing: the Rhonna Designs App!! I had been eyeing all the awesome pictures a select few bloggers were  posting on IG for a while now and I couldn't get it downloaded enough on Wednesday when I heard it was finally launched! I am telling you ladies this is the best $1.99 you will ever spend on an truly is amazing!!!!! Here are some of the edits I have done so far with the app...

I am also thinking about using this app to create our wedding thank-you cards. I loved all the paper products I designed for our wedding and all the festivities leading up to the big day and received many compliments on them from our family and friends so I know I want to create something just as awesome as all the other stuff I did with everything else. I know it will involve mason jars since that was our ongoing theme throughout the whole process and I obviously want to include some of the pictures we had taken by the photographer. So when we get those back I know I will start fully putting these together. But here are a couple I have done with what I have already:

Has anyone else downloaded this app yet? It really is awesome and I cannot wait to see what else I can create with it!!!

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