Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Becoming Mr and Mrs Fry || my bridal shower

On April 20th my maid of honor, Aubrey, all my other bridesmaids, my Mom and Aubrey's Mother-in-Law threw me my bridal shower! It turned out amazing and so many people came and showered us with so many gifts!! Anthony and I were beyond blessed by so many people and I had so much fun spending time with everyone.
My bridesmaid, Shalene, made my cupcake cake!
 We had shredded chicken sandwiches, sloppy joes, little chicken salad sandwiches, vegetables, and my favorite part was the fruit pizza bar!

 Aunt Lori made all the heart shaped sugar cookies, Aubrey made her famous cherry fluff recipe and my Mom brought all the fruit.

 lots of much love!
 artwork for us to hang in our house

 My Maid (Matron) of honor! 
 My bridal party!!
All my girls!! Julie and Lauren are our invitation attendants.
Not really sure what they would be called.
I already had too many bridesmaids but I still wanted them to be involved!
Everything was perfect and my girls did a great job throwing me an amazing shower!!
We also have everything unpacked and put in its proper place at our house.
Now we just need to get married and moved in so we can use everything.
17 more days ladies! 17 more days.....eeeee I cannot wait

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