Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am married woman!!!

Last weekend we finally tied the knot in front of all our closest family and friends!
We are now Mr. & Mrs. Fry.
It is kind of hard getting used to my new last name but it has been a long time coming
7.8 years today to be exact.
I thought all along that the day was never going to come and in the whole month before our wedding the days were literally flying by. At one point I just want to push the slow motion button so I could take everything in and enjoy it, but I couldn't.

Yesterday was my first day back to work after our honeymoon so after getting caught up I am finally finding a little time to get back into blogging. 
We currently do not have internet set up at our house yet so my blogging is going to be kind of sketchy but I am definitely back to blogging like I used to and God knows I have more to blog about now with getting married, moving into our first home, and just everyday occurrences of being Mrs. Fry!

Here is a little sneak peak at some of our amazing wedding pictures that Ty, our photographer, posted on facebook last week. I love them so much and cannot wait to see the rest. 
we did have a first look and we both were so happy that we did! 
We aren't ones to be superstitious and with us there is no such thing as good luck.
Every once in a while we are blessed but none of it can be chucked up to luck, just doesn't happen.
That morning I was so nervous about the whole day and when I finally got to see Anthony for the first time all those butterflies in my belly just fluttered away. We both were so much more calm after seeing each other.
I definitely recommend a first look to anyone getting married!
My bridal party!
L-R Shalene, Blaire, Maddy (maid of honor), Avery, 
Molly (flowergirl), Aubrey (matron of honor), Joni & Jesie
Our whole wedding party
Avery, Jesie, Joni, Shalene, Blaire, Maddy, Aubrey, Molly
Evan, KW, Travis, Trevor, JK, Mark, Jory, Vincent
Officially Mr. & Mrs. Fry!!!
our get-a-way tractor!!!
leaving the church for our stroll around downtown Zanesville
Love this!!!
We decided to surprise everyone by being escorted into the reception by our furbaby, Tank!!!
He was so good and loved all the attention.
 It was extremely humid that day but thankfully the only rain we had was once we were in the reception hall.
 So far my favorite picture!!!

We should be getting the rest of our pictures in the next month so of course I will be posting some more of them on here and I am planning on going into much more detail about the nitty grittys of our wedding and reception and everything leading up to it.


  1. Congratulations Mrs. Fry =) What a stunning bride you made!!! Love love love your lovely. Enjoy this newest chapter in your live =)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I love the pictures! Love the dress, the tractor, the's perfect! Congratulations!!


  3. You look beautiful! Congrats!!

    We did a first look too...I can't recommend it enough. Probably my favorite moment of our wedding day.

  4. Congratulations Mrs. Fry! You looked absolutely beautiful in all your pictures. I love the dress :) I had the same dress!

    I love the kiss picture with the flower girl and ring bearer and your last picture there.


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