Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Checking In...

I am so behind on blogging! Whats new?!
No apologies going out this time I am just going to give you all a little run through this week of some of the major stuff that has been going on.
Today I am just going to start with the most recent event...my bachelorette party!
My girls did an AMAZING job and I cannot thank them enough.
Jesie, one of my bridesmaids, has a house in Columbus right on campus. She just graduated from Ohio State but her and Shannon will have the house for a while longer. So that was perfect.
She planned everything, all we had to do was come along!
Saturday afternoon Aubrey, Joni, Blaire, Lauren and Julie met me at Anthony and I's house and we headed to Columbus. Since it was the holiday weekend I was a paranoid mess about getting pulled over and getting a ticket so I am sure the girls were getting irritated. But we made it there with no speeding tickets.
Poor Jesie said that they had their house all cleaned up and ready for us to come in and when we got there it was like a tornado came through with all of our outfits, makeup and craziness to get ready for the night.

After we all decided what we were wearing and were ready we took a shot and headed out for the night.
Luckily the neighbors were able to take some pictures of us before we I became a hot mess!
We had to eat first and that is where I had my first tequila shot! gah never again but thanks so much Shannon

After dinner and drinks we got the taxi cabs and we were headed to the Arena District.
First stop was the Big Bang Piano Bar which we quickly decided was not that much fun 
so around the corner we went to some other bars. 
More shots, drinks, trips to the bathroom, dancing and inappropriate pictures for here
I may have been pole dancing on a bar at the saloon...
Unfortunately this little bride to be could not hold her own and we got kicked out of the Saloon at 11:00
because I was throwing up! My girls were great and helped me for the rest of this night
which consisted of getting a cab back to the house, puking in the cab, getting me in the house, to the bathroom and getting me dressed for bed and to sleep on the couch! 

Sunday morning was not the greatest but by noon I was able to drive Blaire, Julie and I back to Zanesville.
I spent most of Sunday at Anthony and I's house laying around on the couch and doing some yard work & cleaning. Which by the way our house is really coming along.
Everything is pretty much cleaned out of it and all our gifts from the showers and other stuff we have accumulated over the last couple years is moved in. Maybe sometime when I get a chance I will gather up all the pictures I have taken but definitely after the wedding I will put together a little house tour.

There was a double sided wash tub that was used to hold flowers.
I cleaned it out and was originally going to put fresh flowers in it but after wandering around on Pinterest I saw where some people use these as a beverage holder when they are having parties or cookouts and I decided this would be much more efficient for us! So I cleaned her right up and I was going to paint it but I am kinda liking the rustic feel and am just going to leave it this way.
So this is our new drink hold for our parties that we will be having once we get all settled in.
I love it!!!
Check back tomorrow for some more wedding festivities leading up to our big day!
18 more days ladies!! I cannot believe we are in the teens already.

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