Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Fancy Nancy Mr Blink! name courtesy of Molly Spiker.
Here is the story...back in July a kitten showed up at our house and we let Molly name it. She went with Fancy Nancy. A week later another kitten showed up and once again Molly got to name it. This time she said Fancy Nancy Blink, Blink is its last name (ahh to have the mind of a 4 year old again) So a couple weeks went by and Molly became very attached to the kittens but mainly the 1st one. Well in August Fancy Nancy died of an unknown cause. So we were left with just one kitten. I tried talking Molly into shortening its name but it was a no go. Then Dad discovered that it was boy so we asked Molly what to do about it and his name now is FANCY NANCY MR. BLINK.

this week we discovered that we have a mouse problem (we live in the country so its pretty much a given) so Mr. Blink is living in the house. Here are some pictures I snapped of him.

Chillin' while I was on the computer

He sleeps in the funniest positions.

With Mr. Blink's debut I think this week I am going to do a week of introducing our pets! So check back to see the other members of our family (:
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