Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here are some pictures I took during the week of our county fair. I love fair and as a 4H'er it was what all of us lived for. Now that I am no longer in 4H it is a little bit different not having my own animal there but I am able to enjoy it just as much and look forward to becoming a 4H adviser next year!!!

Shalene and I

JK getting ready to show his pig

cousin Vincent showing his pig

JK and Shalene

my bff Aubrey

my two besties...Lauren and Aubrey

haha this is why I Love her!!!

Aubrey and Lauren's sister Shelby showing her horse Flash

Kali enjoying an ice cream cone

JK's pig

Kali with the pig

JK selling his hog

Cousin Vincent and his friend.

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