Monday, September 14, 2015

Vacation Recap :: Charleston, SC (pt.1)

We decided on a whim maybe a month before that we were going to go down to Charleston before the Summer was officially over. Going in September was completely different in the fact that was almost literally no tourists and the weather was slightly different than when we go in July. This year we decided to take our kayaks so that Anthony could get some fishing done and I could just follow along and explore with him. When we got to town it was a little before 7 a.m. on Sunday so we decided to go to Sullivan's Island and watch the sun come up before knocking on my Aunt and Uncle's door early in the morning. 

Anthony couldn't resist getting his line in the water.

After we went to the house, unpacked and hung out for a little bit we decided to go put the boats in the water despite the overcast skies and rain in the forecast. It didn't take long after we were off that it started pouring. That didn't stop us, until my skin started itching like crazy!! I ended up pulling off the water and leaving Anthony and my cousin Bryson to spend the rest of the afternoon on the water.

Monday/Labor Day
Anthony let me sleep in before we hit up the beach for the day. Sullivan's Island was the pick of the day and unfortunately it wasn't the greatest because there were these flies all over the place that kept biting us like horse flies. We stayed for a few hours and then decided to hit up downtown Charleston for our traditional pizza from Pizzeria Di Giovani's. They have the largest slices of pizza ever and this year we decided to get a full pizza instead. After dinner we were going to walk around the Market but the vendors were all packing up and we missed all the hype. Instead we went to the new boardwalk on Shem Creek and watched some boats coming in and out and hung out just the two of us.

We were thinking we were going to catch a beautiful sunset off Shem Creek but the clouds blocked it and it didn't leave much to be desired but it was truly a beautiful evening spent with eachother doing some boat and people watching. This trip was mainly focused on relaxing and doing our own thing and I noticed that I barely took 100 pictures with my camera but we had an amazing trip. Tomorrow I will blog about the rest of the trip where we visited Folly Beach and Boone Hall Plantation.


  1. Oh man, I can't believe I find your blog JUST after you leave my city!! It looks like you had a great trip to Charleston, and I hope you come back soon :)

  2. Oh my goodness I love all those water pictures! So pretty! What a great idea taking your kayaks! Next year if your able to come to MI, you definitely have to bring those! There are so many awesome places to go!


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